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Lindsay Lohan

I've Shot Down

BIG New Year's Paydays

12/27/2011 5:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan partyingLindsay Lohan is adamant ... there's no way in hell she's gonna blow the progress she's made with her judge just to count backwards from ten.

Sources close to the actress tell TMZ ... she's gotten a bunch of offers to host various ragers on NYE ... but she's turned down every last one.
We're told Lindsay is desperately trying to change her party girl image ... and she feels staying out of the NYE madness is a major step in the right direction.

Lohan's decision is a costly one -- some stars have raked in 6-figure checks for partying on New Year's Eve.  But we're told Lindsay -- who received high marks from the judge just earlier this month -- doesn't think a check would be worth it.

Lindsay plans to ring in 2012 with a few close friends at her home ... although she may go out to dinner before the final countdown.

Should old acquaintance be forgot ...


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hollywood has used her up for her own nefarious its time to end the onslot...they got what they can out of she is a walking talking shadow of herself...just mumbling and excisting.
lesson learned stay off drugs..and seek high education.
if she didnt screw up she would not be remembered..proof is in "TRENDING"..

1031 days ago


In Lindsayland, there's never enough time to discuss lesbian incest.... they're too busy practicing it. Cody?Krissy's devastating personal issues are starting to become more clear...

1031 days ago


Rogue Warrior: 3 hours ago
FYI, Vorlon I'm WAY smarter than you douchebag! FACT!

I beg to differ bigmouth.

First off as I stated yesterday, you wouldn't know a fact if it came wrapped in a brick and bounced off that cavern you call a head.

And more importantly- There's more to being smarter than just SAYING you're smarter. You have to PROVE it. So far none of us have seen ANY evidence to support your claim.

But by all means continue to inhale your own narcotic tainted hot air.

I have called you an idiot a hundred different creative ways, the best Yu can come back with is rode lizard,bag lady-bully, redneck, and your current favourite DOUCHEBAG. (How original- Grade school children use that one on the playground- at least we have YOUR mentality nailed.)

The problem with you is your head is stuck so far up your own ass you can't see the circles I've been running around you for weeks.

But keep on trying- sooner or later you're BOUND to land a zinger. (Just like your last one "My third- world country can't support a major sports team." Both factually inaccurate and INCREDIBLY LAME! That's SLIGHTLY above "Your mother wears army boots."

Thanks for playing.

1031 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

I like Help. ok ok, I have been accused of liking everyone. (I dont like kate major)But the reason we come here is because we dont all agree. And it would be boring as hell with out RW, Al (smith) Nicole, RC, and now Help.

-hiding in the corner eating darkside cookies now-

1031 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

HEART you Vorlon!!!!!

1031 days ago


It looks like AA Aliana has finally joined the Lohan, Inc. rank and file. Some evil paparazzi got too close and someone else in the background quacked, and AA Aliana lost control.

She reached into MariLinds’ gargantuan “purse” and scooped out several champagne glasses, which she smashed on the ground before she pushed some random skank in front of traffic and carjacked a black Lincoln Navigator.

MariLinds just stood there, peeing on the street, staring blankly and moaning “one of us. One of us…”.

3000 miles away, DUIna had a spontaneous shudder. No, not that kind. Well, maybe.

1031 days ago


Good job getting rid of the riff raff, Vorlon!!!

1031 days ago


She is getting some common sense. Good girl. Maybe now she can get her career back on track.

1031 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

What HELL(p) needs, is to be Chris Browned! In fact IT would be a nice addition to Dilo and kate at the bottom of the river beneath the Brooklyn bridge!


1031 days ago


New thread with a Lohan family Christmas card, includes Cody!!

1030 days ago


They had an article with pictures of Lindsay in a bikini along side other actesses and models also in bikinis. How in the hell did she get paid a million dollars for that? The other girls had fabulous figures and Lindsay....not so much. Looking at the comparison between these ladies and Lindsay you realize that Hef has been took. The goods are spoiled and unedible, I mean soiled and unchangeable better yet, What Goods? Hef needs to sue Linds for shafting him on the Playboy deal. Leaked photos, doesn't promote the magazine on Ellen, does this suprise anyone considering this is her normal MO. Chance after chance this person has been given, which is one too many. The first couple of times she got in trouble we thought there was hope of a turn around but this is a life style for her. So all I can say is for all she has done in the past shame on her but for all of us letting her get away with things again and again...shame on us. Just turn away and she'll go away!

1030 days ago


She's coming to Dubai and getting paid loads for it for NYE!!

1030 days ago


^yes, her whore mother calledTMZ yesterday and LIED through her teeth, more media whoring from DUIna, as USUAL. So today the DUBAI story comes out...what a lying whore DUIna is, and DUBAI........DUBAI, how much lower can this hooker sink?

1030 days ago


Dina: It's OK Linds if you go to Dubai I took care of everything.
Lindsay: But I have to finish community service and other stuff before I can go anywhere or I go straight to jail.
Dina: It's OK I tell you, anyway if you snag your self a Saudi Prince WE will be set for life, I mean you will be set. This is our last chance so you have to go. Don't worry, you won't do time even if you aren't suppose to leave. When have you ever had to pay for anything you've done? Mommie knows best! Now go snag that Prince and make us richer than the Kardashians.

1030 days ago


Wouldn't surprise me if the Lohans aren't planning to party down with the Kardashian family.


1028 days ago
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