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L.A. Lakers Star

Loses 2 More in L.A.

12/28/2011 3:37 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The Lakers are now 1 and 2 for the season, but Andrew Bynum's record this week is even worse -- he's 0 and 2 on the streets of L.A.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... Bynum was pulled over Tuesday for driving without a license plate and having illegally tinted tail lights. Bynum walked away with a fix-it ticket.

But it was not lesson learned, because today Bynum was pulled over in his Porsche 911 on the freeway for going over 80 mph. Bynum was cited and released.

Truth be told, Bynum has actually slowed it down, because last year he was cited for driving 110 mph on an L.A. freeway in his Ferrari.

If only the Lakers were that quick on the court.

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When he kills someone will the law simply cite him and let him go. The law let these celebs and wanna be celebs get away with murder. If he was the average Joe Blow the dude would be given a ticket and if it was the second time they caught him speeding they would probably take his license away.

1030 days ago

Throwback kid    

Could this be he was driving while black? Most black athletes have been pulled over by the police because the cop belives if a young black guy in his 20's is driving a really expensive car he must be into drugs or another illegal activity? I have had several friends that played pro ball get pulled over with the excuse, that they were weaving, this of course gives the cop an excuse to pull them over and look around to see if he can spot anything illegal in the car which would then give him probable cause to search the vehicle. Of course when they saw my friends were not doing anything illegal he just gave them a warning and said they can go. Cops have been pulling this trick forever, no wonder so many athletes have so little respect for police officers

1030 days ago


A ticket for tinted tail lights????? That's what we call in the hood a "n*g*a" rule/law. Because the police ONLY come up with those when you're black. Kind of like back in the days somehow it was illegal to have a lowered car but a lifted 4X4 was okay?

1030 days ago


@Throwback kid- Could it be he was pulled over for GOING 80? Could it be he was previously pulled over for NOT HAVING TAGS ON HIS CAR????

Are you really that ignorant bro?

1030 days ago


I'm baffled as to why the LAPD is acting as a stringer for TMZ. Most responsible police departments has strict policies regarding the release of information. It's especially destructing when they tell TMZ... "you'll never guess who we pulled over today, they did [blank], but we didn't cite them" so where's the public record with that or a "journalistic" public right to know.

1029 days ago

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1029 days ago


This guys an *******. Stopped being a Laker fan because of his poor sportmanship and I Can't stand Kobe (Arrogant jerk too).

1029 days ago

Coco Chanel     

Don't drive fast to ride slow Bynum.

1029 days ago


How the hell does Andrew Bynum fit into a lil porsche...in my head this looks Flintstone's ridiculous!!

1029 days ago


Karma baby!!!! LOL. Remember when he parked in a disabled spot to go buy groceries last year. Ha! You manchild...grow up.

1029 days ago


He might be able to alleviate some of those knee issues if he drove something that was more comfortable for a 7' 280+ person.

1029 days ago


why would someone want to tint their tail lights? :-O

1029 days ago


Don't worry Laker fans he will be back from suspension and on the IR before you know it!

1029 days ago


LA will regret trading Odom.

1029 days ago


I ******* HATE Bynum. I'm a big Lakers fan but can't stand him.His attitude is nowhere the amount of effort he puts in. His first game against Shaq he went under him and dunked. Ever since then he never had the right attitude. He's not the frontline second coming. Anybody who would risk peoples lives like that because of his arrogance should be kicked off the team. I wouldnt miss him one bit.

1029 days ago
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