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Rachel Uchitel

I Need $300 Nipple Suckers

12/28/2011 10:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rachel Uchitel ain't planning to be a full-time breast-feeder when her baby is born -- TMZ has learned, she's asking friends to buy her a $300 nipple pump instead ... on top of several other extremely expensive baby goodies.

Rachel -- who announced her pregnancy last night on Twitter -- posted a baby registry online recently, asking for a laundry list of newborn crap .... including the nipple pumps, a $500 high chair, a $300 car seat, TWO strollers ... one for $400, and one for $1000, and $300 cashmere bedding.

This kid's making out like a bandit -- like mother, like child. 


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A good pump is expensive and necessary if you are going to bf. I'm mildly offended to see it referred to as "nipple suckers" although I suppose they are. Breastfeeding is in the best interest of the child and should be promoted. If this person (who the **** is she, anyway?) wants to breastfeed and work, a pump will be necessary. Grow up Tmz.

1029 days ago


She, and Kim should get a pad together.

1029 days ago


Nipple suckers?? are you kidding me??? You are just trying to be rude and disgusting. It's called a breast pump, and they cost anywhere from $80 for a piece of crap manual one to $500 for a good electric one, so she isn't asking for anything out of the ordinary at $300. Car seats costs upwards of $500, so $300 is absolutely a normal price for a car seat too. Same goes for strollers. Who the heck do you have writing these stories??? Obviously someone with no clue what items cost in the real world. She is asking for real world items at the real world price, she's not off in lalala here, sorry to burst your bubble..

1029 days ago


TMZ, you pigs... It's called a breast pump.

1029 days ago


This registry is ridiculous! Get real.

1029 days ago


Do some research before you post stuff that's not true, TMZ. The stuff she had on her registry is NOT over the top or expensive (except for that $500 high chair). Most car seats are over $200, strollers are expensive as hell, cribs are over $500, breast pumps are at least $250. Her registry is not that bad. What IS bad, however, is her publicly posting it like a gift grabber.

1029 days ago


TMZ is apparently run by a bunch of 8 year old boys. Breast pump please. And babies are expensive. You don't go and buy a piece of **** car seat for your newborn. You can get a crappy highchair for around $200 from Target, so buying a more expensive one if you have friends who can afford it is absolutely fine. This is a baby, not a puppy.

1029 days ago


Let Patrick "Deep Dish" Bertoletti suck her nipples for free.

1029 days ago


kinda cheap since tiger paid 10 million to be your nipple sucker! hope this bitch takes an aids test to make sure that brat is diseased free!

1029 days ago


TMZ, that's not fair. "Niiple suckers" aka BREAST PUMPS are expensive, and that's not an outragous price. Plus many moms even us stay-at-homers used them. Sometimes you guys are just digging to have a story. Leave the poor chick alone already.

1029 days ago

Lyse Martin    

Was this written by a frat boy? It's a breast pump. Here's to TMZ trying to make a story out of nothing.

1029 days ago


Umm, I think you mean breastpump and even mothers who bf full time have a breastpump. I know you all aren't fans of hers, but that comment is coming off as sexist and uniformed.

1029 days ago


Good for her. I'm sick of these women that can't carry a bottle of milk in public. I have nothing against breast-feeding. What I do have a problem with is that you females need to pick the right place and time to do it. I DON'T WANNA SEE THAT CRAP WHILE I'M STANDING IN LINE AT THE STORE.

1029 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Holy crap, where the hell do you people shop that you think those are average prices?

1029 days ago


it's called a breast pump, mother suckers!!

1029 days ago
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