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Rachel Uchitel

I Need $300 Nipple Suckers

12/28/2011 10:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rachel Uchitel ain't planning to be a full-time breast-feeder when her baby is born -- TMZ has learned, she's asking friends to buy her a $300 nipple pump instead ... on top of several other extremely expensive baby goodies.

Rachel -- who announced her pregnancy last night on Twitter -- posted a baby registry online recently, asking for a laundry list of newborn crap .... including the nipple pumps, a $500 high chair, a $300 car seat, TWO strollers ... one for $400, and one for $1000, and $300 cashmere bedding.

This kid's making out like a bandit -- like mother, like child. 


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I don't know if my lips are worth $300 but,I'd be glad to let her try them out.

1030 days ago


1st: I heart TMZ. 2nd: I have no feelings about Rachel Uchitel. And I have no desire to defend her. I've actually never commented on anything online, ever...3rd: TMZ staffers need to get real. It is highly offensive to call breastpumps "nipplesuckers". And I have bought a $300 breastpump. A decent one costs that much! Do a little research first! Many things on her list are well within the range of normal and similar price range to what I bought or was gifted to me when I had my baby. (except for a few of her things) I'm a social worker and my income is not generous, but the best investment is in the health and safety of my child. Safe eco-friendly products are expensive. Babies are profoundly expensive and good for her for having the money (regardless of how she got it) to raise a family. And she can use all this stuff should she have more kids! You really need to issue an apology to your readers/viewers who are moms for this offensive "story".

1030 days ago


The responses here completely verify my theories of the "romance" process.
All women really want from a man is to be fertilized and a meal ticket.
Once they have that... The rules change... Lookout guys...
Nipples are only nipples when they haven't captured their prey yet.

1030 days ago


NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! WHY MUSH SHE BREED?!!! She's going to end up with little hoe babies......

1030 days ago


How dumb can the person who wrote this post be...Im a huge TMZ fan but thats how much pumps are!!! And if youre a breastfeeding working mother of course you need a pump when you have to leave your child. All pumps cost about this price even used pumps are at least $100 or more. Seriously get your facts straight!! Dummys

1030 days ago


I have never commented on a post but felt compelled to do so after reading this "article." I must agree with most of the comments on here - there is absolutely nothing wrong with her registry! She's a first time mom and while wealthy, it is traditional for her to still get to enjoy a shower - people WANT to buy expectant parents gifts! The point of a registry is to have gifts of all price ranges listed. There is nothing too outlandish that I can see and I find your childish backlash surprising. I had my own baby shower in August, live in a small town in PA, and received items the same or similar to her - these are standard prices for quality items, and I am surprised you find them expensive considering the cost of living in L.A.

1029 days ago


They are called Breast Pumps not nipple pumps. I am a poor college student and had to spend almost 400 dollars on a breast pump - this is quite average.

1029 days ago


Thats what baby stuff costs. A quality breast pump is $300. Your writers sound pretty ignorant calling it a "nipple sucker" that's not even funny

1029 days ago


thats the normal price for a stroller, high chair, pump, and car seat. Babies cost money! Or maybe it.s just in SoCal bc my mom bought all of the same items for almost each child.

1029 days ago


I see nothing wrong with her registry. I paid 300 each for two car seats. When it comes to your child's safety nothing is too expensive. Seriously though, even though you are a gossip site; learn to be a little more mature on some things. Nipple suckers really now...

1029 days ago


I have three daughters,who handed down one breast pump. When one was in Hawaii is failed and a replacement was $500.00 there. You pump to freeze.

I know, I was formulated too...


1026 days ago


nipple suckers could be the least favorite item on my baby registry list

997 days ago


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