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Kardashian Former Nanny

I Love Those Kids

12/29/2011 3:57 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The former Kardashian nanny who is shopping a juicy book about the family tells TMZ ... although she felt some of the kids were spoiled rotten and disrespectful when she signed on, things ultimately turned around and she now loves those children.

TMZ broke the story ... Pam Behan has been shopping a treatment to book agents, in which she claims Brandon and Brody Jenner were "spoiled and disrespectful."  She even admits ... things got so bad, she actually slapped Brandon and almost got fired as a result.

Pam tells us ... it's true ... Brandon and Brody were "spoiled rotten" when she began working as their nanny, but after a few months, she got them in line by standing up to them, adding, "I love those kids, to this day I love them." 

As for slapping Brandon, she says it happened after he called her "a very bad name," and she "slipped up" and struck him. Pam reiterates everything turned around and she developed a strong bond with the boys.

Pam says she worked as a nanny for the Kardashians until Kim turned 17.  According to the book treatment, Pam says she will reveal "intimate details" about Kim and Kourtney.  As for what those details are ... she simply says, "Buy the book."

"Intimate details" notwithstanding, Pam insists it's not a "tell-all book" and "it does not bash anyone."


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I think it will be the most boring book ever and will end up in the doller store everyone knows they are boring meglomaniacs they are so used to living their life in front of a camerea they dont know how to use real human feelings anymore i.e. marriage and quick divorce. the nanny is a bitch sellout to try to make money off of trashing someone elses kids rich or not its a low blow and discusting

1026 days ago


Nice Picture

1026 days ago



1026 days ago


i wouldn'*****ch their new shows like their dumb supporters do. i watch old footage and want to enjoy their humiliation by creepy, retarded, fake mother kris the whore, and the stupid boys posing as loving companions. lol rob called kim a whore.

1026 days ago


Why are they calling this the Kardashian nanny? If she was the Jenner nanny?


1026 days ago


I am so ******* over the Kardashian ********....

1026 days ago


Typical money grubber!! I wouldn't read the book if she paid me to.

1026 days ago


This is just another ploy to keep the Kartrashians in the limelight. The things that were are being asked to pay attention to are not news worthy. They have experienced a tremendous backlash and will do anything to stay afloat.

1026 days ago


Boy everyone is gunning for the Kardashians now, their time in the spotlight is just about over. First we have Kim set it all in motion with a fake 10 million dollar wedding then divorce after 72 days. We find out their cheap shoes are made in a sweat shop, Sears is about to dump them because the Kardashian collection is not selling and magazine sales are off as much as 18% that feature the Kardashians on the cover. Now the former nanny says what we all could guess already, that they were spoiled rotten brats with no manners. After all this if the Kardashians can't see that the public is done with them and they should go away, they are crazier than we think they are. Keep Boycotting them!

1026 days ago


I, as well, wouldn't touch this book with a 10 meter cattle prod. Or anything else that starts with a K.

1026 days ago


The K-Trash family SUCKS dong cheese!

1026 days ago


What is the easiest way to get people to feel sorry for you and defend you? By having someone else attempt to trash you in public!

Is the lighbulb going on? This is totally the Kardashians trying to get sympathy and support from the fans they lost because of Kims ridiculously pompous and obnoxious wedding and separation.

Think about how many people are sitting there saying "well I don't care for the Kardashians that much anymore, but what this nanny is doing is just WRONG"! Then, next thing you know, they are forgiven and people start to watch them again. I don't think they EVER thought that they would get the backlash they got from Kims fiasco wedding/separation. They were too vain, or STUPID, to believe their fanbase would turn on them. They are the perfect example of people buying their own hype.

And, I think that when the nanny was spotted with them recently, just proves my point. They probably contacted her to get her to do the book, written by Kris probabbly, and is all about damage control. And I doubt it has anything really bad about any of them in it, just enough to get you to buy the book.

1026 days ago


I hope this "book" comes with a STUPID TAX for all the complete and utter losers that are thinking of buying this crap!!!

1026 days ago


1 word: ABORTION

1026 days ago


And whichever crap idiot buys this book, will go to jail and rot in hell.

1026 days ago
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