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Pulled Over by Cops


12/31/2011 3:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

DMX arrested
For the first time in who knows how long, DMX had a run-in with police that didn't result in another mug shot -- but it'll still cost him ...

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ, X was pulled over in Hollywood last week for not wearing a seat belt. Cops ticketed him and his assistant ... and the two were let go.

In case that wasn't clear, DMX WAS LET GO. No handcuffs, no jail, no nothing. Just a small slap on the wrist ... followed by sweet, sweet freedom.

X tells us, "Just a minor ticket no biggie. A quick learning lesson about not wearing a seat belt. I will handle and pay for it." The rapper adds, "This would be the only reason I come in contact with the police because I am a changed man."


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Harvey, we need to clean this mess up STAT.

1028 days ago

DJ Blur    

Really DMX? All the trouble you've been in and you don't buckle up..

1028 days ago


Good for DMX. He does sound like a changed man. The guy has has amazing talent, as both a rapper and actor. I hope he keeps his nose clean and puts out more music and movies.

1028 days ago

janet jenkins    

well that's a good start DMX. one step at will be alright

1028 days ago


If you've lived life with an utter disregard for the law, it's going to be a lot tougher than just proclaiming, "I've changed." Who doesn't know you have to buckle up? Well, someone who has lived life with an utter disregard for the law, that's who. What other everyday laws does he have to learn? I wish him the best. Be careful DMX, and take care.

1027 days ago


I'm really glad to see him getting his life on the right track. I like seeing all the small things he has been doing lately, from just cleaning up places to hanging out with troops ... good for him.

1027 days ago


They really need to leave this man alone they bother him for everything. I no the real reason they pulled them over. I live in NYC.

1027 days ago


To the people complaining about him not knowing how to buckle up just shut up. Really. I buckle up cause it's habit. You sound like the nitpicking cops that won't leave the guy alone. They know he's on parole and can't even let him slide for a seatbelt? Now that's the rub. I mean out of all the stuff this guy has been through and paid the price for people want him to be perfect even when he's trying to get himself in order. It's not like he said f it like he used to do and decided I'm breaking the smallest law in the book. Even though you wish him well in the end you sound like a bunch of ********.

1027 days ago


Good for X, it really seems like he has made a 180 in his life and we all know how hard that can be in gen, but add addiction into the mix and it can b a million times harder. I know form personal expriance and hope him all the best.

Anyone know if he is working on a new album? he is one hell of an artist and I know he has a hella lot to spit out in dealing with those demons that kept him down put not out.

1027 days ago


well this is one in ten..good for him.
now stay out of phoenix, or sherrif joe will get cha!
and i dont care what anyone says.. i really like sherrif joe.

1027 days ago


DMX has been through a lot of ****. give him a break.. we all make mistakes.

1027 days ago


there is one thing you can say about LA cops, they love to pull over blacks...when the head of the LAPD was the head of the NYPD the order was the same..."blacks driving a nice car gets a second look" meaning a pull over and a ticket

1026 days ago


Good for DMX. The police are always looking to bust chops and the fact that he doesn't feed into their bully bull**** shows he is in control not them. Wear your seatbelt and don't give the police any reason to pull you over. Whenever you step into your vehicle it's an opportunity for the police to pull you over so don't give them any reason to do so.

1026 days ago


Only time will tell.

1023 days ago

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