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Katy Perry & Russell Brand

The Die Was Cast Early On

1/1/2012 7:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Katy Perry & Russell Brand
Sources close to Katy Perry and Russell Brand tell TMZ ... the couple was infatuated with each other when they tied the knot, but the honeymoon ended very quickly.

According to our sources, Katy and Russell were initially head over heels for each other – each fascinated to be with someone who was an extreme opposite.

But we're told the two began a regime of constant bickering after they got married -- often in front of people at clubs and awards shows. They're both very stubborn and neither would easily back down.

Our sources tell us ... because of the friction and their schedules, they never spent long periods of time with each other.

One big bone of contention  ... Russell was much more of a homebody than Katy.  Katy loved going out and partying, while Russell (who is sober) didn't enjoy the scene at all. We're told he would often insist on leaving places early and asking her to come with ... which would trigger an argument.

But we're told ... as the dust settles, neither hates the other -- far from it.   There's no bad blood between them, and neither of them believes the other cheated.

As one person put it, "It was just a bad pairing."


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He has spooky eyes...

1034 days ago


This train wreck was obvious from the day their marriage was announced..Katie and Russel? I think not.

Russel Brand is nutty..Literally..he is so full of BS with his addiction being conquered. Just listening to the guy talk anyone with half an intellect can tell he is blowing smoke out his you know what..I'll wager that little Katie caught him with his hands in the pot jar..

1034 days ago


Russell Brand absolutely cheated on Katy Perry while he was shooting the Noel Gallagher video 'AKA... What A Life' music video. Numerous people on the set were aware that he cheated with two women the night he filmed the music video in the desert. TMZ should investigate and save Katy Perry some divorce settlement money. See 8:48 mark

1034 days ago


Errr... alcohol and bickering aside, they both seem very lovable, but they were obviously both dysfunctional when they came together. This is not a crime or an insult, it's human. But I thought it was obvious from the start that they both need some growing before they can decide on anything that lasts 'til death.

Russell had barely just started his sober life (in comparison to the years of substance abuse, he was pretty much a newborn at normal life). He admits himself in his biography that his prime focus has primarily been basically worshipping women and/or getting them into bed. He wouldn't know a healthy/functional emotional relationship with a woman if it hit him in the face. Due to his past with drugs he probably hardly knows how to make himself properly happy, let alone a partner at the same time. And again, he wouldn't know a functional relationship with a woman if it hit him in the face, so the first thing that felt right is what he jumped into - too hard too fast. For the first time, normal feels good, so it must be good forever.

Same goes for her in a way, though.

With her religious upbringing and a relatively conservative background, she probably hasn't played the field too much either. She doesn't fully recognize herself in her parents' ultra-religious ideals, finds herself magnetically attracted to polar opposites like Travis McCoy and Russell Brand, and figures that if she combines the two, she will find the perfect compromise. She doesn't seem to have much experience with relationships due to the religious background, which means that she wouldn't know a lasting relationship if it hit her in the face, either.

They both felt that primal attraction to each other and saw the chance to be "normal" they both craved (her according to her upbringing and him due to his sobriety) and figured that must be it then.

It doesn't take alcohol or bickering to figure out they've both probably never had a proper relationship and therefore mistook a good relationship for an automatically lasting one.

1033 days ago


When people saw who Katy was marrying in 2010, I bet a lot of them were saying ... "jeez, Katy Perry can do better in her love life than Russel Brand. She's a smoking hot looking international music star".

Katy could probably get herself a stud rock star or an A list Hollywood actor if she half tried. It looks like she just needs to mingle and date more guys to figure out exactly the type of guy she wants.

I hope she realizes by now that she needs to find someone closer to her own age. After 35 or so, a majority of single guys are open to the idea of having kids and settling down to suburb life, etc. Couples closer in age have more things in common, shared life experiences and are at the same stages in life, etc.

Katy needs to be practical and find someone she has a lot in common with. That's why they have all those questions for people who sign up for and eHarmony, etc. Those dating sites try to avoid matching up the wrong types of people. You don't want to try to "fit square pegs in round holes". It just doesn't work over the long haul.

1033 days ago


guys katy has changed to a better person.she's so different from 2008.She doesn't party that often anymore and I believe the divorce is nobody's fault.So please stop judging.

1033 days ago

Don Martin    

So the point is what? If you go get a marriage license it makes you less of a ho? A few months of, Bada-Bing" and when the hormones cool down no one knows how to spin hormonal overload into a legitimate marriage. Sounds like the latest Kardasian craze is catching on. Grow the hell up America.

1033 days ago


Russell Brand is extremely intelligent. Katy just wasn't enough intellectually for him and he got bored with her. I hope he finds someone who is more of a match for him. I've heard he has a very sweet side to him. On the other hand, I've heard Katy is very manipulative and self-centered.

1033 days ago


Who gives a Sh--.

1033 days ago


He's too old for her...

1033 days ago


I'm glad they split, he is a TOTAL MORON !!!!!! Find better Katy !!!!

1033 days ago

The Love Sponge    

Katy will easily get back on with her career. On the other hand Russell will fall off the wagon and drop like a rock.

1033 days ago


Maybe Katy should get together with a few musician friends and try to write a few songs. Maybe Katy could play her guitar or piano and come up with some good riffs or melodies for songs.

I saw on a do***entary that Stevie Nicks wrote a few HUGE hit songs for their Fleetwood Mac "Rumours" multi-platinum album just after a nasty breakup with Lindsey Buckingham ... a songwriter and the guitarist for Fleetwood Mac. They said it was a very rough, emotional period for them but some fantastic material came out of it. I think they blew their own minds at how good it was.

You never know when the creative juices will flow and a really good piece of a song might come to life. Sometimes really good things are just around the corner from bad things happening in a person's life.

I hope Katy's next CD has just as many hit songs as the "Teenage Dream" CD. Maybe this next CD could be even more successful. Good luck Katy! I'm sure Katy won't be single very long. "Mr. Right" might be coming to meet you pretty soon. Never know.

1033 days ago


What is even sadder is that gay people cant even get married and so many straight losers like katy perry/russell brand and kim kardashian etc. etc. can get married and re-married over and over for minutes at a time!!!

1033 days ago



1032 days ago
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