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Don't Take Away My Kids!

1/2/2012 4:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

is firing back at his ex-wife -- insisting he's a good dad who deserves to see his kids ... and NEVER cancelled her Saks 5th Avenue credit card.

TMZ broke the story ... Tameka Raymond asked a Georgia court last month for full custody of their two kids -- claiming Usher has continually dropped the ball as a parent ... failing to get her permission to travel with their kids, hiring nannies without her approval ... the list goes on.

Tameka also claimed Usher callously closed her Saks 5th Avenue credit card -- and now she can't take advantage of the "special benefits" the card offers.  

But Usher claims it's all BS -- filing his own response in the ongoing custody battle ... asking a judge to reject Tameka's request for full custody, on grounds her allegations are false.

Usher and Tameka currently share joint physical custody of the kids.

As TMZ previously reported, Tameka has also tried numerous times to get the judge to force Usher to submit to a drug test. So far, no luck.

We reached out to both sides for comment -- so far, no word back. A trial date has been set for February 27.


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The early bird gets the worm.

1024 days ago


DAMN TMZ really hates his former wife. They always try to slant stories to make him look like a saint and her the devil

1024 days ago


I had read in the past usher mom had told him about her she's a gold ass digger n a free loader..she's ruine he's life but that what he gets for breaking chilly heart from the group "tlc". She was down for him n truly luv him.. Oh well sucks to him don't let het mess u usher!!! Plus who care about her sacks credit card. Tell her to ge. Job get her Owen ****!!!!!! She's sounds like a losser!!!!

1024 days ago


She ruined credibility when she brought the Saks 5th Avenue b.s. That's not a necessity. She should be worried about what is going on with her children and get a job.. and become a successful part of society.

Not worrying about shopping and clothing and superficial things.

No wonder he divorced her. She comes across as a straight up gold digger.

Usher is stupid, just like most celebrities are. These gold diggers only want you for your money and fame..and once the celebrity realizes it and dumps them... They have to give away half of their fortune THEN deal with child custody issues.

Find someone who loves you for you and not your money... and divorce wouldn't happen... and you won't have to deal with this nonsense.

1024 days ago


He gets what he deserves with this one. Folks from a mile away knew she was a no good, money grabbing ho. She's that and a whole lot more.

1024 days ago


Usher has never cut the umbilical cord from his own Mother. He can sing, but is still very much a Mamma's boy. As such his former wife is damn lucky to have gotten out early.

1024 days ago


OMG!! OMG!! Not da' Saks Card!! OMG, how much torture must this poor poor damsel in distress endure?? Shame on Usher - kick his azzzz and take away his mirrors!!

Next time, PLEASE listen to your mother!!! She knew best after all and pretty much always will!!!

1024 days ago


He shuts down her Saks with perks card, she says he's an unfit father, blah blah blah. Does the guy pay his child support? Does he see his children? If the answer to those questions are yes, she needs to get a life and get a job to get her very own Saks with perks card.

1024 days ago


It seems she's more disappointed in the Saks 5th Avenue card and the "benefits" than her kids!

1024 days ago


That is what you get for marrying such a tranny looking "female", she is g-ross

1024 days ago


good god. these two so deserve each other but I fear it's the kids, as usual, who will be scared by parental pathetic-ness.

1024 days ago


i hope he doesn't give her back the saks 5th ave card as a way to see his kids.... what "special benefits" does the card give? does it make her feel like not a gold digging baby-lottery winner?
it's about time usher grows some balls... he may be a mama's boy, but this time mama was 100% right!

1024 days ago


If they are sharing joint physical custody, why does he need her approval to hire nannies? When they are with him, he doesn't need her approval. She sounds like a control freak. And the credit card? She sounds like a gold digger.

1024 days ago


Usher is the stupid one here. He married an obvious (and not very attractive) gold-digger whose main focus is her Saks credit card, not the children. He's stuck. She got him good, just how she planned it.

1024 days ago


Kids need their fathers and should see them as much as possible. When A man wants to help raise his kids...he should be allowed to do just that. WTF is wrong with you lady? He is their DADDY.

1024 days ago
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