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Khloe Kardashian

Rescues Tigers with One Finger

1/3/2012 5:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Khloe Kardashian helped raise thousands of dollars to help save endangered tigers in the wild -- all while barely raising a finger ... TMZ has learned.

Here's how it happened -- Khloe posted a tweet New Year's Day, asking her 5.6 million followers to text "Tigers" to 20222 ... thereby donating $10 directly to the World Wildlife Fund to help save wild tigers across the world. It was that simple.

A rep for the WWF tells TMZ, the tweet got an overwhelming response -- with over 600 people texting "Tigers" in the last 2 days ... raising over $6,000 for tiger conservation. According to the rep, the massive surge in donations was a "huge jump" above the norm.

But the rep tells us, the Kardashian sister's charitable moment didn't end there -- Khloe also adopted a tiger online ... and she got her mom Kris to do the same.

According to the rep, the money raised by Khloe's tweet will go to science and research on the ground in regions of the world where tigers live ... to better understand how to protect them.

Finally, a reason to keep up with the Kardashians.


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Chun LI    

Why doesn't this cow donate some of her own money or some of that ugly husband of hers money?

1024 days ago


Just maybe they are finally getting it through their thick heads that .... The Only Way These Beautiful Animals Should Be Seen Is On ALL Four' s. NOT WORN BY HUMANS!!!!

1024 days ago


Watch out for those Kardashians, they are likely to adopt a Panda bear and put it up for a shared adoption on E-Bay $$$. Anything to make money and look good at the same time....


1024 days ago


Now if they would only stop WEARING FURS!!

1024 days ago

small asian penis    

give a girl a break, she did something good, which is GREAT, doesn't mean her family is anything less than what is previously posted, but it's effed up if you don't acknowledge something good, which this is.

1024 days ago


I have just got to say this, "I would prefer to watch L.A. Law, etc. a thousand and one times over then to watch the constant repeats of the Kardashians!" My God, talk about shoving their shows down our throats!?!?! That wedding repeat is the most offensive of all and yet it is on every week for which I pass over for L.A. Law and etc.

Somebody get a petition going to if nothing else, at least get rid of these constant repeats of their show/s and of course the wedding! If I knew how to create one I would do that, however, I am lame and don't. I can guarantee you this, "I will be the first to sign it!" It should read something like this, "We the people want to DIVORCE the Kardashians, Kardashian reality shows, Kardashian wedding, Kardashian TV repeats, Kardashian clothing line and etc. We the people want to DIVORCE the Kardashian/s and including the Jenner's.

I'll sign it.....


1024 days ago


Lions and Tiggers and bears oh my... This is another non -story. when the KK calls to give TMZ thier bs PR storys why cant TMZ just say no. Is TMZ now owned by nettwork or something whatever they are so far up the k-holes ass TMZ has now last touch with reality.
There is less then 4,000 tiggers left in the world so if

the KK clan adopts them all then they can claim they saved the whole spices of animals.
The kk spends thier days now on- line looking for charitys they can be asciated with to try to save face so trasparent.
Then they call TMZ and TMZ mindlessly runs the story .
welcome to TMZ.......
Its sept 4 and kim had to go number 2.
It was orange and brown in coulor
and the shape was large and round.
Please comment 500 x;s or more on this intresting story.
Thank you from the stoned out of our minds TMZ staff.

1024 days ago


I am soooo happy to hear that it only takes ONE FINGER to fix the problems of animals and the world. Hum! I am curious as to which finger she was using? Not to mention it only takes one finger to use a cell phone. I am reading that she put a lot of movement into saving the tiger/s - right - one finger to her cell phone that certainly took a lot of effort. I should say one finger twice to her cell phone, i.e. one to Harvey and one to Ryan. I am exhausted just thinking about all that effort!!


1024 days ago


Here is another thing, she uses one finger to help the Tigers and she is being photographed in front of a picture of a Panda! What is wrong with this picture???


1024 days ago


wth would yAW put that pic up of khloe up thats wrong

1024 days ago


Khloe sure has gotten fatter and uglier over the last year. Is she developing personal line of K-Mart moomoos?

1024 days ago


File a public DIVORCE against the entire family. File it right here on this sight!


1024 days ago


Saving Tigers with one finger with a Panda Bear portrayed behind her!!!


1023 days ago


Why are you people so Jealous ? More importantly , what are you people contributing to society. Yeah , Absolutely nothing.
Just running your fat mouths on Gossip blogs. I don't think it's all about Kim's divorce anymore , it's all about these girls banging black men , getting paid millions and your jealous souls can't stand it. What are bunch of losers.. ROFL

1023 days ago


aww i love khloe! shes my favorite! you go girl.

1023 days ago
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