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The Unit

Charged with Drug Possession,

Hedges on Guilt

1/6/2012 2:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0_c1risjbh_1_yk9aali4The Unit from "Jersey Shore" is gearing up to face the music on a drug possession charge in New Jersey -- and he ain't exactly denying the allegations.

The newest MTV reality star was arrested last summer at the "Jersey Shore" party house in Seaside Heights -- when cops claim they found the drug "Special K" on his person. Special K is a hallucinogen, similar to PCP.

Unit called in to TMZ Live moments ago ... and though he admitted to having drug problems in the past ... he wouldn't talk about the specifics regarding the current charge.

When asked if he'd be open to a plea bargain to avoid jail time ... Unit hedged his answer.

Unit added, "I've had [drug] issues in the past and I've flourished coming out of them ... and I'm a complete man and I'm sober."


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His 15 minutes are almost up, hopefully the whole cast of that show is almost up!

1021 days ago


last summer...yet gets posted like its something new.who cares about what happend last summer

1021 days ago

Mel K    

Why is TMZ giving this guy the time of day? WTF - WHO CARES?!

1021 days ago


Complete man? He must have had surgery for that.

1021 days ago

Throwback kid    

They should change his name to The Moron? this guy is such a loser even Sammi Sweetheart wouldn't date him! And Sammi made out the Situation and dates Ronnie, who almost has the same DNA as a cave man. So that's really saying something, but then again Sammi has the self esteem of a sewer rat so maybe she would make out with this Unit Loser? who knows? These Jersey Shore morons make the Kardashian girls look educated

1021 days ago

Nichole K    

Why in the hell are we giving some new loser attention? No body cares about "unit" , his drug problems, or what he has to say about snookie. Do they realize there on tv if it's spoken about while taping eventually is all going to come out wether "unit" or who ever eles say something or not.

1021 days ago


Special K is NOT a hallucinogen and is NOTHING LIKE PCP. Tmz with the wrong facts once again.

1021 days ago


America gives the world JERSEY SHORE and THE KARDASHIANS and we wonder why everyone views us as uneducated, superficial, materialistic morons..

1021 days ago


I think everyone is missing the point here: Harvey is now more of an African American than Charles will ever be. First with the Fitty cent, and now with the slammin' tan.

1021 days ago


F are a media source....but have not public consideration. You do nothing but share peoples problems but people are more than just a problem. YOU HATE HUMANITY AND KARMA is a bitch!

1021 days ago


MTV putting another decent human being in the spotlight....

1021 days ago


Jonathan "The Unit" Manfre and Michael "The Situation" Sorrentino are a viagra filled bromance waiting to drop trou!

1021 days ago


Ya know what harvey you disappoint me. You and the people there at TMZ dont seem to understand that you guys are the ones that keep these losers popular. Same as the kardashians. Its not till you came around that people started glamourizing this ****. I mean seriously, Do you think that girl would be holding that ugly ass dudes hand in public let alone kissing him if your cameras werent gonna be there to put her on tv too? Am i the only one that noticed that the very first season when no one knew who these losers were that not one of them got lucky IN SEASIDE!!! IN SEASIDE NJ WITH THEIR OWN HOUSE AND ROOFTOP HOTTUB these frigging losers still only got lucky with each other in the same house. Christ, I could go down to seaside by taxi, have no place to stay and still sleep with more then one girl a day. ITS FRIGGING SEASIDE!!!! these tools do not rep JERSEY AT ALL!!! and TMZ just throws fuel on the fire. No one thinks these tools are kool people. christ real jersey people put these tools to shame and did all this **** that losers think is kool by the time we were 15. thats why their bigges*****chers are kids... to jersey folk like me these losers get beat up and sent back to the island. Are you people high? if the camera crews and body guards were not following them around and it wasnt free advertising for the bars these down syndrome tools would be nobodies. ITS NOT THE PEOPLE ON THE SHOW THAT IS POPULAR... ITS THE CAMERAS THAT PEOPLE CAN ALSO GET IN FRONT OF IF THEY ACT LIKE JACKASSES THAT ARE POPULAR.
I been watching a long time, and i even put up with the pointless stories of the useless kardasians. i dont like em, but they have merit. these people have no merit AND I DONT LIKE THEM. I swear to go the very next time you give the jersey shore losers the time of day On TMZ I WILL NEVER WATCH YOUS SHOW AGAIN!!!! you use to have standards, now i take it as an insult to myself and every other person from new jersey everytime you show the worthless human beings and say the name JERSEY SHORE. Remember when jersey shore meant something else??? try googling jersey shore now... ITS ALL YOU SEE IS THEIR ******* FACES!!!! THATS WHAT YOU SEE WHEN YOU SEARCH FOR INFO ON MY HOME!!!! They stole our name and existence. They jacked our pride and our homes image to the world. **** those s***bags and anyone that helps them exist. Dont get me wrong, i aint hating on the individual. you people get yours.... its the people that put them where they are that sicken me. and thats the aeudience and you TMZ. You spit at Jersey everytime you show them and mention the jersey shore. GIVE US OUR PRIDE BACK AND STOP PROMOTING THESE PEOPLE AS ANYTHING JERSEY!!!! But do what you want. you shame yourself even more. I am JUR-Z SURE!!!!

1021 days ago


WHY does TMZ keep saying he is the " newest member" of the cast? HE ISNT.. He only spent the night at the house just any other slime ball over there.. He is a PIG just like the SNITCHUATION. He deserves a few yrs on the slammer and made to be someone's bitch

1021 days ago


From the comments I'm gathering this dude is one of the idiots from Jersey Shore.

TRANSLATION: The boy is guilty as charge, The Jews are behind MTV as all things media and Hollywood and they have the courts by the shorts ones---so fear not dumbass-you'll get that California Celebrity Unequal Justice treatment. Probation, community service, court-cost [and the fixit man's fee]. That should hurt your wallet---and don't forget, you now owe MTV [don't worry, they'll remind you]

1021 days ago
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