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Nas' Kidnapped Concert Promoter

Still in Limbo in Angola

1/7/2012 4:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Nas' concert promoter who was kidnapped at gunpoint in Angola is still stuck in the country -- caught in a legal stalemate between Nas and the guy who allegedly kidnapped him .. and it's getting worse by the day.

TMZ broke the story ... Patrick Allocco -- a U.S. concert promoter who booked an Angolan New Year's Eve show starring Nas -- was kidnapped after the Angolan concert promoter sent Allocco a $300,000 advance for Nas and the rapper ended up being a no-show.

We've learned Allocco -- who was released from custody but is still prohibited from leaving the country -- sent Nas the $300k, but now the Angola promoter wants not only the $300,000 back, but an additional $50,000 in expenses.

Here's the deadlock. Nas is willing to send $300,000, but not the addition $50 grand. In addition, before Nas sends ANY money, he wants a letter from both Allocco and the Angolan concert promoter -- releasing him from any liability.

So there's a stalemate. And Allocco is stuck in a foreign land.


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Hey Girl Haaay    

Nas is such a low life. Every time you hear about this guy it's something bad. Get it together and man up, pay the $50k. Or are you keeping it tight because your popularity and sales are down?

987 days ago

Mel Zipskin    

I don't like Nas he looks stoned 24/7 and he was dissing his wife over alimony I can't stand rappers who go cheap on their kids. Poser.

987 days ago


Money already spent. Hey TMZ at least try to stop ads.....!

987 days ago

Big Mamma Cornbread    

And why was Nas a no show?.

987 days ago


He should pay the 50,000. You can't mess around in countries like Angola. It isn't like the United States. That is a war torn, famine stricken country. They will slit his throat and not think anything of it. Nas committed to go, he should have went.

987 days ago

Brandon Shirley    

Really he is not paying anything cause they paid him 300k and he just game it back, He needs to pay the 50k and get him out of that hell.

987 days ago

Mary P    

Since Nas agreed and the promoter paid his own cash for promotional materials, getting the club materials, sometimes includes certain liquors, etc. I wouldn't doubt the promoter is out quite a few G's. Why shouldn't Nas pay the extra? He agreed to show, dude wired him money plus spent his own to get it together for proceeds from the party. Nas broke the contract, why should the promoter eat it? Granted, I don't agree with kidnapping of any sort but given the situation - maybe the promoter has no other options in Angola? I'd be pretty ticked about losing out on $300k plus expenses myself.

987 days ago


don't blame them. maybe they'll come over here and get the real scammer, NAS

986 days ago


Sounds like one of these gansta rappers or facilitators needs to contact there Insurance Broker and file a claim. For 50K, this young man and his son are being held captive in a worn torn African country. NAS, contact your accountant and seek to write this off as a "business-loss". Frankly Nas, you are ignorant and disgusting. Get some professional and competent legal advise. Hell, call Harvey!

986 days ago


Nasir needs to step up and do the right thing! SEND THE $50K!

986 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

Look, this douche doesn't have the cash, it all went to booze, drugs, tacky bling, whoring women. The promoter better find other methods of payment, because waiting for this clown will get him dead.

986 days ago


Why would anyone pay him a $300,000 advance to do a concert? Why would anyone even pay him $300,000 total to do a concert? He is not worth it.

986 days ago


these people are not pissed... and whoever this a-hole is had better figure out that he fu*ked up and need to pay up. They don't play. I would have thought the American embassy would have broken it down to him by now... Dude, you're not dealing with California and its flaky courts and cops those folks aren't in the back pockets of Jews... In fact most of them hate Jews... pay the damn $50k [which you probably don't have because you pissed it all away]

986 days ago

Lady Luck    

Got your back my Dude...well it doesnt look like that here.. Its all about the money.. Nas your a LOW LIFE

986 days ago


Wow, those folks ain't singing Kum-by-yah over there about their bucks $. NAS ain't even started paying yet. Alloco's US attorneys are picking out bahama brochures. I hope Alloco comes out ok. Too bad NAS has priced the man's life for a lousy $50K.

986 days ago
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