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Cal Worthington Divorce

You Don't Get My Bentley


1/8/2012 8:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Cal Worthington -- the greatest car salesman of all time -- believes his 42-year-old wife Anna is gunning for his fortune ... so he BANISHED her from his mansion and REPO'D her Bentley.

The 91-year-old LEGEND has filed new docs in his divorce ... claiming the woman he married in April turned out to be a lemon ... but he signed a pre-nup so she wouldn't get jack squat.

Cal claims he's only obligated to fork over $4k per month ... for 6 months after the divorce ... and THAT'S IT. Then she's on her own.

Anna thinks she deserves more ... MUCH MORE ... including Cal's $3.25 MILLION Beverly Hills mansion.

Long story short ... Anna claims Cal bought the house FOR HER as a wedding gift ... and therefor she's entitled to at least half.

Cal is calling BS -- and wants a judge to block Anna from being allowed on the Bev Hills property.

And to show he means business ... Cal sent a tow truck to secretly re-possess the Bentley Anna had been driving ... while it was parked outside of her mother's home.

In the docs, Cal claims Anna was driving a 2004 Chrysler Sebring before the marriage ... so that's what she should be driving now.

Anna hired K-Fed's former lawyer -- Mark Vincent Kaplan -- and wants to "insure [Cal] does not leave me on the street without any means to live."

Buckle up ... looks like this one's getting nasty.


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That's how gold diggers should be treated.

964 days ago

John the Lawyer    

Aw, c'mon, all they're really arguing about is who get's Cal's dog Spot.

964 days ago


Looks like CALWO has more to worry about tan is "dog, Spot." Maybe if he throws a few more bucks at ANWO, CALWO will emerge unscathed.

964 days ago

John the Lawyer    

Hey, Harvey, did you see on all the cable that Cal Worthington Ford changed its jingle lyrics? Here's the new ones:

If you want to drive a Bentley go screw Cal
If you want to live in BH go screw Cal
If you want a mansion house
Just put on your tighter blouse
And then be a bitchy louse
After screwing Cal

964 days ago

BB in CA    

And this is why people should not get married! It's all lovely dovey for awhile but that ends pretty quick.

964 days ago


Good for Cal. Do not understand people who think they are owed something by others, especially after being married for only 8 months. If she doesn't want to be married to the man, she should walk away with whatever she came into the marriage....which is probably ZERO.

964 days ago


It already got ugly. She had to sleep with this guy, didn't she?

964 days ago


He should have seen THAT pothole coming, but he probably just took his eyes off the road or had a senior moment. Sounds like he just woke up, a tad too late.

964 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

oh come on bitch. if a man says you don't deserve it, then you don't. stop bitchin, move on and find some other man where you can go try a new gold diggin off all his hard earned fortune and least that won't be easy for you now where you're an old hag!! lol!!

964 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

the financial trickle down program implemented by men, boys and males, the 'trickle' never seems to make it all the way down to the lowly femanoids...unworthy of any form of income, not to mention luxury or leisure, the only 'trickle down' they see comes from a male appendage -in their face.
and then 'everyone' wants to get all 'moral' and 'self-righteous' when women try to find means like this to make a living, and not one in the gutters or trailer parks of america. insanity.

964 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

dang. cal seems to be a brutal as the US welfare system!!! geeze, geezer, loosen up a lil cash for the lady! pretend she's your stripper!!

964 days ago


Well, if the BH McMansion was a gift from crazy Cal, her little gold digging name should be on the deed. That'll be the proof she needs. Otherwise, don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

964 days ago


if she gets one cent from him somebody needs to be fired.

964 days ago


Pay up you perv. Shouldn't have put a ring on it.

963 days ago


if she gets one cent from cal, somebody needs to be fired.

963 days ago
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