Cal Worthington Divorce You Don't Get My Bentley ... YOU GET NOTHING!!!

1/8/2012 8:00 AM PST

Cal Worthington Divorce -- You Don't Get My Bentley, YOU GET NOTHING!!!

Cal Worthington -- the greatest car salesman of all time -- believes his 42-year-old wife Anna is gunning for his fortune ... so he BANISHED her from his mansion and REPO'D her Bentley.

The 91-year-old LEGEND has filed new docs in his divorce ... claiming the woman he married in April turned out to be a lemon ... but he signed a pre-nup so she wouldn't get jack squat.

Cal claims he's only obligated to fork over $4k per month ... for 6 months after the divorce ... and THAT'S IT. Then she's on her own.

Anna thinks she deserves more ... MUCH MORE ... including Cal's $3.25 MILLION Beverly Hills mansion.

Long story short ... Anna claims Cal bought the house FOR HER as a wedding gift ... and therefor she's entitled to at least half.

Cal is calling BS -- and wants a judge to block Anna from being allowed on the Bev Hills property.

And to show he means business ... Cal sent a tow truck to secretly re-possess the Bentley Anna had been driving ... while it was parked outside of her mother's home.

In the docs, Cal claims Anna was driving a 2004 Chrysler Sebring before the marriage ... so that's what she should be driving now.

Anna hired K-Fed's former lawyer -- Mark Vincent Kaplan -- and wants to "insure [Cal] does not leave me on the street without any means to live."

Buckle up ... looks like this one's getting nasty.