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Lindsay Lohan

The Girl with a New Wrist Tattoo

1/8/2012 9:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan wrist tattoo, live without regrets
Lindsay Lohan is a fan of tattooing words on her body -- because just a few months after she got a Billy Joel song lyric tattooed on her rib cage ... she got a much smaller saying on her left wrist.

According to our sources, LiLo hit up a tattoo parlor on Friday night to get the work done. The impetus for the new ink, we're told, was Lindsay's feeling that she's at a great point in her life ... and she wanted to do something she'd always remember. 

Our sources say Lindsay is excited for March 29 to come, because that's the day she will be done with her court-ordered community service.

Perhaps from then on, she won't do anything anyone would regret.



No Avatar

big bamboo    

I hope for her sake that those needles are clean..
the tats she has doesnt look to professional..
and Hep C is running rampid through dirty needles and un sterolized tattoo equipment

1027 days ago


and she wanted to do something she'd always remember"... Really? Does she really think there a chance she'll forget this part of her life?

1027 days ago

Rex Shaw    

I would instant regret that tattoo on my hand!
Gawd this girl has poor judgement.

1027 days ago


So, what she's really saying is that she never wants to work again, period. She will never get another job in Hollywood, with a tattoo there. It's in a place that's very hard to cover up or edit out. That is also one of the WORST places you could get a tattoo. That part of your body is constantly moving, which means in a couple years, the tattoo will look even crappier than it already does. She just keeps getting more ignorant, doesn't she?

1027 days ago

Fuck Celebrities    

Anyone need any more proof that she's full of crap?

1027 days ago


Isn't that the same wrist were she had the swallow and chanel tatoo thingie done in Cannes just looked it up and it is...What happened to the other one....and the white breath tatoo and the red star and the stars got to twinkle that was down her inside arm...and the thingie on the inside or your upper right arm .....
sure has a lot of disappearing tatoos ...don't she....
Don't believe me google lindsay lohan tats...and set back and enjoy.....

1027 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Ugh, Lindsay looks high. What is she thinking?

1027 days ago

big bamboo    

while she is giving Sam a physical she can look down at that there has to be some regret..

1027 days ago

big bamboo    

other hand says "If I dont remember it,It never happened"..she has to cover all bases

1027 days ago

CC - THE ORIGINAL about "live life by learning from our mistakes"???? Maybe "thanks CA justice system...suckers!!!"
This tattoo just says she's basically gonna go out and do what she wants without thinking of what the consequences are...she's gonna live and NOT regret anything she does.
I see more trouble from this POS in the not too distant future with that attitude...just what I see.

1027 days ago


That tattooed woman that was with Jesse James looked pretty freaky to me.

I'm not too wild about women with tattoos. Especially the girls that have too many of them. They look like a billboard advertisement on two legs. It might be okay for a girl to have one or two little picture ones on an ankle or something but not everywhere. Those "tramp stamps" don't turn me on at all.

I guess I like the natural look. Call me old fashioned. I don't care.

1027 days ago


I regret reading this article! What do I do now!!??!?!?

1027 days ago

big bamboo    

I have tats when I was younger that I regret..
"disco will never die"
and the rainbow tattoo that I didnt know ment something else.
the portrait of my puddle..
and the name of the band "rooster with the noose around its neck on my calf..
just kidding I have none of those..
but I do have a pentacle under my belly button...and "rocky horror on my arm..and rosey on my chest

1027 days ago


I think Nicole should get a tat on her ass of Lindsay's full size face, positioned just high enough so it looks like Lindsay is saying "Oh".

1027 days ago

big bamboo    

shes going to need alot more ink to cover up those battle scars up and down her arms....

1027 days ago
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