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LeAnn Rimes

Bikini Bottoms Out in Hawaii

1/9/2012 8:00 AM PST BY Johnny Lopez

skinny LeAnn Rimes in a bikiniEddie Cibrian enjoyed a bootyful weekend in Hawaii watching his wife LeAnn Rimes play bocce ball in an itty bitty thong bikini.

Doesn't matter what the score was because LeAnn always wins ... in the end.


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what an embarrassment and she is grossssssssssssssssssssssss.

995 days ago


Why is she turning into such a slut?

995 days ago


I think she looks great. She has obviously worked hard to get that body and is proud to show it off. Don't know down someone that you are probably seething with jealousy of. She looks great. Period.

995 days ago


no ass, no hips, implants spaced out real looks like a tranny...even its chin is manly...NOT hot at all

995 days ago


Does she work???? Anything besides parade around in a bikini waiting for photogs to find her?

995 days ago


Glad she keepin it just Hollywood skank now..whats the saying F/U and the horse you rode in on her case its F/U and the horse you look like... that you rode in on..

995 days ago


Every bikini she has is a thong. She has no class. It's so apparent she has self esteem issues to dress like that all the time. She's always showing off her body. Those two deserve each other and she's not even remotely attractive.

995 days ago


Although I disagree with most on here that say she's too skinny, I do believe that the amount of time she spends in front of a camera, in a bikini, is a bit much. I happen to have a similar body, but larger chest, and look quite good in a bikini (I think, haha), however I do not continuously take cell pics of my body to send to people.

I think the problem with Ms Rimes, is that she became very famous very early in life. Then got married very early in life, to a man that really appeared to be gay.

So basically, since shooting to fame early on, she became mostly a bit of a pudgy girl with a wierd face, married to, what appeared to be a gay man. Nobody wanted to see her in a bikini, or any type of sexy pic. She was the chunky girl next door with a great voice and TONS OF MONAY- that's all.

But then BOOM, she meets Cibrian!! He's in an unhappy marriage with a alcoholic wife and they are D-List at best. He's cute and Rimes falls HARD AND FAST, because no man, with his looks, ever paid attention to her for anything long term. If you remember when they hooked up, she was still a bit chunky - not fat but frumpy.

They cheat, get caught and he's got no other financial recourse but to proclaim love for her (and her checkbook) so they can both save face, ala Brangelina, and marry each other and live in wedded bliss. But she knows that unless she changes her physical appearance, he will be gone. Enter the personal trainer...... So, basically, the reason they both always look so friggin happy is because they ARE. She finally gets to feel sexy and have a hot husband, and he gets to spend the millions of Rimes dollars at his leisure. And she's more than happy to pay for her hubby. And wants everyone to know it!

995 days ago


Maybe Leann should pose for Playboy - after all Hef can't really sink any lower after featuring tramps like Lilo, Heidi Montag, Tara Reid and Whatsherface O'Day. Hey, they could photoshop her in some hips and a waist, get rid of the man-shoulders and implant ripples and paint her on a whole new face. One that looks human instead of some donkey reptile hybrid. She would be almost totally unrecognisable, and maybe halfway attractive.

995 days ago

Straight Talkin Texan    

She displays a disgusting LACK of class.

We get it LR! You're proud of your body! You've worked hard for it! But walking around nearly naked all the time is NOT classy or ladylike. Maybe you don't care about being considered a lady. And I wouldn't have anything to do with a man who wanted to "show off" my hot body. I'm not a man's piece of meat to display. Ick! You're BOTH disgusting and full of yourselves.

995 days ago

Sin D    

Sings like an angel, looks amazing, is rich rich rich AND has a hot boyfriend AND is vacationing in Hawaii...NO WONDER the haters are envious. You go babe ! And keep giving us little guys a little peek now and again. YUM TUM in MY NUM NUM!

995 days ago


If she added just 5 or 10 lbs to her weight she would be perfect!

995 days ago


She looks shapeless scrawny yuk when she's "fit" yet looked plain and frumpy at her old higher weight. She's nothing much to look at plain and simple. I dunno what she should do. Cover up and go away and perhaps.

995 days ago


I don't understand how woman can do this! All those men around, they have kids just wrong! NO CLASS

995 days ago


Does she ever wear clothes? Is she on a beach in this pic?
I understand flaunting, but enough already

995 days ago
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