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'Storage Wars' Star


... or I'm Off the Show!!

1/9/2012 4:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"Storage Wars" star Dave Hester -- the "YUUUP" guy -- tells TMZ he's ready and willing to walk away from the biggest A&E reality show ever ... if the network doesn't up their "unjust" contract offer.

Hester was out in L.A. this weekend ... sporting a hat with his signature catchphrase on it ... when he told our photog he hasn't locked up a deal to return to the show next season.

The reality star explained, "Right now I'm in negotiations with A&E and I would just hope they would get away from their unjust contract negotiations ... the ball is really in their court."

He adds, "I don't know what their plans are ... but I would like to be on the show. Maybe 'Storage Wars' without Dave Hester??"

And to make matters worse ... Hester says he wasn't even invited to A&E's Christmas party.

A rep for A&E had no comment.


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I can't believe all the foolish comments on here. What a bunch of sheep! The fact that 200 people wrote in to speak of their hatred for Hester just shows A&E that he's a success. Yeah he bids people up but so does Darrell... and now Jarred's doing it. Yeah he over-estimates everything when going through his locker but they all do. Nothing in that show is worth what they say it is... everything is exaggerated by at least 200% by every one of them. You may not like Hester (and you're not meant to) but he drives the show because he's the only one remotely with any clue. Jarrod is just a wannabe and down right embarrassing. He gets more and more arrogant but has no knowledge or sense about anything... nor is he willing to learn. Brandi is only slightly better but far too moody and pouty... a non-entity as the show's token T&A. Darrell is consistently fooled but too stupid to know when he's getting owned by Hester. He occasionally gets luck but really doesn't seem that knowledgeable about the items. Barry is the likeable one and has a lot more social skills around other people. I can see how he's everyone's favorite but he makes poor choices and the way he trashes everything when going through a locker really irritates me. In short, the entire cast are a bunch of buffoons who are alarmingly uneducated about most of the wares they find. Only Barry shows any interest in the actual items or learning anything about them... they others are too greedy and only care about immediate profit. None of them seem to get any wiser... or show any intellectual curiosity in the things they find. So really, the fact that Hester brings tension and inspires hate in everyone is one of the show's biggest selling points, whether you like him or not. It would be boring with just the others... and Darrell and Jarrod aren't really better people anyway!

862 days ago

Frank Callender    

I would be glad to see Dave go and bring in a sister or friend of Brandis who would be a buyer.

859 days ago


Dave thinks he is the star of the show, but he isn't. If he gets bounced from the show, it will be ok with me and the show will not suffer.

856 days ago


Are you guys all on crack? Do you not know television? Every show! Dave Hester is the perfect guy to portray just that... How many of you can honestly say you don't find yourself calling out "YUP" every now and then? We hate the guy, we love hating him, but that's the whole point and the show would not be the same without him! Dave Hester brings drama to the show, I'd say, if anything, Darrell Sheets is the one no one will miss!

856 days ago

The fine and always Sexy Jenn    

Oh stop crying and being so jealous of Dave,Dave Rocks most of you wish you could be where is at right now,People love Drama and sells.Dave is full of himself and there's wrong with thinking you are the best and knowing it,if they(A&E) should get rid of anyone get rid of that trashy boy and his skanky girlfriend they are a sad nasty case.I call them the two Lamonts aka Big Dummies=)

840 days ago


I hope Dave doesn't go. The show would not be the same without him. He is also my daughters favorite.

837 days ago


Please keep Dave on. Need all the originals to make the show in my opinion. He is my daughters fave too.

837 days ago


i agree Dave Hester can take a hike anytime he wants, all he dose is be a dink but on the other hand cant say he dose know what he is doing and dose it right, business is business

828 days ago


Why is he obnoxious? Because he has a family to support and has more money than the other boneheads on the show? I'd be the exact same way and each and every one of you who read this article would do the same...go ahead, tell me you wouldn't and I'll tell you a story of what a liar you are!

826 days ago


Wouldn't miss him at all. He's hateful and vindictive.

810 days ago


The show will be a lot better without this a**hole!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

800 days ago


I can not stand that stupid Dave. He thinks he is smart, AT WHAT? Being an ASS!

I really like storage wars, but I won't watch it because of that idiot.

786 days ago


I like Dave hate to see him go I'm tired of Darrell always got a reason why hes not buying.Barry is the best one on the show

786 days ago

Lily White    

If Dave wasn't invited to the Christmas party good chances are he wont be invited back on the show. Read between the lines Dave.

783 days ago


When I saw Dave was off, I was happy. Finally I can watch this cool show. The new guy was a dud, could do better; plenty of fish in the sea. Today what do I see Dave back going strong as a a**hole. I know why you want him because he raises up the stakes for you all. He’s your gold mind others expense. What are you all the government? Thanks but no thanks, don’t need to see a greedy A causing others problems just for the hell of it. To much of that in real life, who needs to watch it on TV.

Looks like he won his battle with trey songz. Can’t believe a popular singer like trey gave it up. Well just to say, I’m going back to know longer supporting your show because of Dave Hester. Many of my friends agree with me. You really should pay attention to your viewers. Many do not like this Dave Hester. He is not just. Hope he knows the saying “What goes around comes around”; Here’s to you Dave!

782 days ago
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