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Tim Tebow

Religious Leaders Pull for

Pats to Beat NFL's Chosen One

1/9/2012 4:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Tim Tebow
might have God on his side ... but he won't have the backing of some religious leaders in New England when the bible totin' QB takes on the Patriots in Foxboro Saturday.

TMZ spoke with a couple of holy men who are not only backing Tom Brady ... they're throwing jabs at Tebow's Broncos. Reverend Stephen Ayers from the Old North Church in Boston says, "I'm not sure God is a huge football fan but Tim Tebow is more than welcome to come worship with us on Sunday morning ... after hopefully losing to us."

Meanwhile, Reverend Amy Alletzhauser from Calvary United Methodist Church in Rhode Island tells us they'll be selling a Tebow sub sandwich at a church fundraiser this weekend. The catch? Rev Amy says it's a veggie sub "without meat, guts, or glory." Boom, God smack!

Tebow does have one brave soul backing him in the land of chowda heads -- Pastor Joseph Coppola went on TMZ Live today to explain why he's still praying for Tebow.

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All Gods Are Fairy Tales Made Up By Man

1015 days ago


Can't believe someone would suggest the Bronco's put a halt to Tebow's kneeling to praise his Lord and Savior out of respect for their fans. Been watching football for many years I see and have seen players pray before and after games, players bump,pump,dance,make hand gesters everytime they make a good play or score a touchdown to celebrate. And you want Tebow stopped because he's praising his Lord and Savior, unbelievable. Tebow is not using religion to glorify himself, he was brought up with religious mother and father who travel as missionarys to poor countries all over the world to help the poor and the ill. Whether Tebow is a football player or not he would still be who he is and doing what he does. Tebow is God's vessel to spread his word. God is not Tebow's vessel to win football games. Tebow nor his parents have ever said anything different,just the news media playing it for all they can get.

1015 days ago

Joe Somebody    

....Rev Amy says it's a veggie sub "without meat, guts, or glory."

I find comments like this from such holy people troubling. They slam a guy like Tebow in favor of Brady; a guy who left his pregnant model wife for an even hotter model?

Hey Rev, if you want to root for your team, fine, but please don't present Tom Brady as some sort of holier than thou figure while simultaneously trying to portray Tim Teblow as a soulless and unworthy figure.

1015 days ago


Tim Tebow is not seeking the attention. It is the media that is pursuing him. Tim is a a Christian. He is the son of Christian missionaries. This has been his whole life. He is resolved in his faith and people find that hard to believe. Yes in this crazy world there are people who are resolved in their faith. He is a very humble man who saying to God goes the glory and this is probably for everything in his life. He is thankful for his blessings. This whole thing is so silly, no stupid. May the better team win and it will probably be NE. Brady has been in the NFL for years and has been to the superbowl. Tebow has been in the NFL for about 16 games. He is learning; he is good but not not the best by a long shot. How he lives his life, aside from football is his business. The hype around his beliefs is utterly ridiculous. I refuse to believe that these "religious" leaders who commented are representative of the religious leaders and followers of the NE area.

1015 days ago


Way to put football before Jesus. SMH. They obviously need to re-read the Bible, especially that Amy person. Tebow is obviously a good guy with strong Christian beliefs, but Amy wants to insult him just because of a football game. Yeah, "funny" how they side with a guy that got a woman pregnant and then dumped her for Gisele over a devout Christian virgin.

1015 days ago


Boston girl here sending my hail MARY,s up for Tebow and team.[brady you never should have paraded around in your nyyankees cap..i,m no longer a fan..and looking for a heartwarming story..so i say this,don't know that GOD is a football fan or not but his son JESUS is a TEBOW fan...

1015 days ago


Enough of religion in football--just play the damn game!

1015 days ago


I wonder why Tebow thought God took time out of his schedule of feeding the hungry, caring for sick and dying children, and sheltering pregnant women from murder and rape of war to help him win a football game. Nice to see Tebow putting God into the proper perspective. Football is so important to God, much more than those other things like food, safety, health, peace, and innocent children.

1015 days ago


Religion is for people who have no faith in themselves

1015 days ago


I think this settles the argument that Tebow is the chosen one... http://tebowtranslation.com/ :)

1013 days ago


Just to clarify, it isn't spam. It's the tebow translation of the bible. I thought it was funny.

1013 days ago

Richard Hudson    

I think the Bronco's are making a big mistake.They pretty much led Tebow in to thinking He was the lead quarterback then dropped him like a hot potato when Manning became available. Thats QB #2 that they have done this to. I'm a bronco fan but I may not be one much longer. Quit miss leading the players and the fans.

946 days ago
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