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Kim Kardashian

Robert Is 100 PERCENT

Khloe's Biological Dad

1/11/2012 11:12 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Khloe Kardashian
's sister Kim is saying Robert Kardashian is WITHOUT A DOUBT Khloe's biological father ... and anyone who suggests otherwise is completely full of crap.

Sources close to Kim tell TMZ ... the family is fuming at Robert's ex-wives ... who both told the tabloids Robert privately revealed that Khloe was fathered by another man.

We're told, "It's totally untrue and the family is very hurt."

One source close to Kris Jenner tells us ... Khloe's mom isn't even fazed by the rumors because "it's so ridiculous, it's not even worth her time."

The family has been dealing with wild allegations about Khloe's biological dad for a while -- and even joked about it on their reality show -- but one family source is adamant, "She looks just like Robert's mother."


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If Khloe isn't Robert Kardashian's daughter then neither is Robert Jr. because Khloe and Robert Jr. are identical. I think the allegations are false and malicious -- this reeks of typical step mother envy.

980 days ago


Oh lovely, more reality drama. Do the DNA swsb and shut up, already.

980 days ago


ummmm she looks NOTHING like grandma! at all! lol they really needs to stop lying, Amber Rose was right they control the media! SMH

980 days ago


What would his ex-wives gain by making this up? Kim is never wrong. Was she under the bed when the conceived Khloe?

980 days ago


They should check with the Khloe's Veterinarian and get him to test her to find out the truth.

980 days ago


besides didnt Kris put in her tell all book the reason behind the divorce was because of HER extra maerital affair?!?!

980 days ago


NO SHE DOESN'T! His mom looks jewish not man-ish! Holy hell, she is DEFINITELY not of his seed, and sorry Kris, but we all know what a whore you are/were!

980 days ago


kim u crazy u already lie to all ur fan........please everyone go to click on All-Star and vote for kris humphries cause kim is mad hes on all star make it happen

980 days ago


No way her father is Robert, It has to be sasquacth!!!! The women is a horse!

980 days ago


Um, no she doesn't look like Robert's mom, her head is like three times larger. And Kris is a slut - we all knew that.

980 days ago


it also explains why she is the only one that isnt annoying & has morals of some sort. she marriage isnt a sham like Kim's & she loves her man & respects him unlike Kourtney & her mom Kris. she works hard unlike Rob so yes I believe she is not their full blooded sister

980 days ago


Um, Khloe looks nothing like Robert's mother. I really do believe Robert's ex-wives. People kind of assumed that Khloe wasn't really a Kardashian since she didn't look a lot like her sisters. And the Kardashian's kind of confirmed it by talking about it on the show, doing a HALF-ASSED DNA test, and Kris saying she screwed around on Robert. The Kardashian's are just mad that they weren't the ones profiting off of it this time. If E! gave them millions of dollars to do "Who's Your Daddy: A very special Kardashian Paternity Test" they'd be all over it. Remember, nothing is off limits with this family.

And BTW: Khloe these women did not disgrace Robert Kardashian's name. If anything it made him look like a good man, because not every man would have accepted (given his name to, raised, and financially cared for) a child that his wife conceived with another man while they were still married. You're mother is the disgrace.

980 days ago


Mean people suck. I am definitely not a fan of the Kardashians but come on, people. Khloe is not a sasquatch, or an animal, she is a person with feelings. Why don't you all post your pictures and let people comment on them? Just because she doesn't look like her Dad, doesn't mean anything. Especially when people are mixed, they can either look like both, or one more so than the other. Even if she isn't, how doe that affect your life? I really don't get people's need to be hateful at every oppertunity, I guess misery loves company.

980 days ago


I think most could care less whether Khloe is a bastard or not. If it bothers Khloe then she needs to take a DNA test. Of course if she took the test and turns out not to be Robert's odds are she'll still claim to be biologically his anyway. In the end so what and who cares........

980 days ago


OMG would someone shut this F-IN family up. Please get this crap family out of Dallas also! So sick of these annoying people!! Please go the F away,enough is enough!!!!!!!!!!!!

980 days ago
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