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Beyonce's Hospital Room

Like a 5-Star Hotel [PICS]

1/12/2012 1:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Beyonces hospital room where she birthed Blue IvyLenox Hill Hospital constructed a suite for VIPs which looks like a Four Seasons penthouse ... and the room was christened Saturday when Beyonce gave birth.

TMZ has obtained photos of the room where Blue Ivy came into this world, and it's baller. There are 4 flat screen TV's, state of the art electronics, a kitchenette, nice art, mahogany walls and plush furnishings. And take a look at the bed where Jay Z got some shut eye!

Sources connected with the hospital tell TMZ ... the suite was not constructed specifically for Beyonce, but it was always intended that Beyonce would be the first patient to use it.


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Any of you who have actually given birth know that even if the room is nice, mama is there to work. Once you're in labour, you don't give a rats about the colour of the sofa. Its nice to have a fridge for a cool drink or something tasty when you get the courage to eat again. Its nice to have a bed for dh to sleep in when mama needs a break from him. Childbirth is work and I'm glad her office was nice.

1016 days ago


she is a very perty white did she lighten her skin, she looks more white then me

1016 days ago


Not a big deal, though it's interesting to see the pics of these VIP areas in a hospital setting. These sorts of suites aren't new, though. Los Angeles has tons! I mean, it is definitely more prevalent in cities with heavy celeb populations like NYC and L.A., though wealthy people who aren't famous actors, musicians, etc. and in the news 24/7 use these suites as well.

1016 days ago


The baby was born in luxury because the famous parents. Lets see now how she will turn out! sometime luxury is not worth the end result!

1016 days ago


I see where the baby's mother sleeps, but what about Beyonce?

1016 days ago


I think the Brass of that Hospital are trying to coverup their involvement of alledgely paid over $1 million dollars for whole ward for Bey's security. Dept of Health dimissed other patients' accusations, I wonder they got paid too. I urged those patients and their families sue the hospital & that department for not acting on this issue. I am sick and tired of famous people get special treatment. SICK OF IT!!

1016 days ago


Wow that is nice!! I had my two boys in a room about the size of a closet. But I agree with another poster, it would have been cheaper to have the medical team go to their home, (as long as there was no need for immediate surgery).

1016 days ago


It makes me angry how celebrities think they are so above doing things like us ordinary folk.

1016 days ago

Enough Already    

Wonder what the Vegas odds are for when the truth be told and the world gets to meet Blue Ivy and the REAL birth mom.

1016 days ago


If that is what you consider a 5 star hotel room, you must be checking into the wrong hotels. Looks more like a motel room.

1016 days ago


How much longer is the press going to milk this 'baby' story? Next will of course be the baby photos and of course more 'raps' / songs / interviews on Oprah etc etc etc. YAWN!! It's funny how rap guys were always talking about the streets / hard times / gangster life . . now some act like they are Leona Helmsley types and wear yuppie clothes and book out floors at hospitals just to have a baby . . . or wearing sweater vests like Russell Simmons, hanging out in the Hamptons. Or in movies playing cops etc. Now they are the status quo / the pompous that many used to rap about . . *smile* There goes all the street 'cred' talk and the 'acting' gangster. At least Snoop seems like he is the same guy he always was (just MUCH richer / good for him).

1016 days ago

Peter F. Alexander    

Socialized medicine at its height.

1016 days ago


Give me a break! I love Beyonce but this is way over the line.It makes her and Jay Z look like a**holes.

1016 days ago

Lisa Presley    

Nothing that special about the room. They are called birthing suites, we have them here in the hospitals in Houston, TX. Anyone can use them if eonugh $$ or some insurance companies will cover if you have the right amount of insurance. Why all the fuss! Both high profile people, with more than enough money to cover the charges. Would you not have the same type of room if you had the funds to cover costs?

1016 days ago


tv's? I guess spell check pooped out.

1016 days ago
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