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Peeing On Enemy

Least of Soldiers' Problems

1/12/2012 12:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


U.S. soldiers urinating on dead bodies is wrong -- no doubt -- but vilifying the Marines who did it is so hypocritical. Harvey, Charles and the whole staff out the the real issues soldiers face during combat ... and when they come home.

Plus, how a cute and cuddly dog triggered a MASSIVE debate in the newsroom -- what's the more iconic movie ... "Batman" or "Flashdance"? And you gotta hear why we're giving Rihanna props for dissing the People's Choice Awards.


(0:00) Everyone's rushing to judge the peeing marines  -- we'll tell you why you should think before you speak.
(2:15) Itay -- a former Israeli soldier -- says there's a big distinction between killing in defense and desecrating a dead body.
(8:05) Does Montel William's theory hold weight?
(10:00) Amazing caller ... Pat -- who served the U.S. in Iraq -- attempts to describe the impossible ... what goes through the mind of a soldier. Don't miss this.
(22:00) Changing gears -- Was Rihanna wrong for snubbing the People's Choice Awards to see a Clippers game ... which was being played a mere 200 feet away from PCA venue?
(24:00) Max says awards show hold celebs hostage.
(32:00) Producer John Peters accused of abandoning his adorable dog at a kennel for a year ... how is this possible?
(39:35) Screw the dog ... it's time for a raging debate about ... is Flashdance more iconic than the first Batman movie?


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Ken Bigley, enough said.

1024 days ago


Yes thank you so much for posting that the soldiers are taught to hate and kill the enemy because America is really against these guys and I feel sorry for them. What idiots are we to say it's ok to kill them just don't disrespect them? I mean really????!!!

1024 days ago


Harvey I respect most of your analytical views and love listening to your debates on a daily basis. However, to break a story regarding our military and what they've done over seas, something that you do not cover on a daily basis, I see as totally unAmerican. You have not only endangered our troops lives that are overseas by breaking this story, but you also have endangered our lives, as the CAIR has said...Have you not paid any attention that these ratical groups will retaliate? Please stick to entertainment news, I like watching you.

1024 days ago


Yeah but, show us what they did to US. Just more spin from the lily-livered -left-wing-nuts. Un brain wash yur brains, dumbazzes; at least they didn't sh*t on them,, just sayin'

1024 days ago


War does things to people. For everything you heard of, there is something just as bad, or more that happened that you will never hear about.

1024 days ago


the people choice is voted by your fans so yes you should show up for your fans

1024 days ago


Has anyone ever seen Universal Soldier?? We are lucky they weren't wearing their ears around their necks. Harvey is right we can not train killers and then expect them to act like angels. There is a lot of cooped up anger and desperation in these men their mental state is nothing like ours. It was wrong, but we are not there carrying out their job.

1024 days ago


Regarding Kloe's dad, Robert Kardshian saying that she's his daughter doesn't necessarily mean anything.

My father had 2 daughters out of wedlock. One of them wasn't even his daughter, but he let her think that she was for the sake of her sense of family. He told my mother, but otherwise took the secret to the grave for the benefit of the daughter his girlfriend had.

1024 days ago


TMZ you guys are becoming as silly as these so called bloggers. Do not let military wives & families go in on you guys cuz it won't be pretty.. They are not trained to kill & hate the enemy. Do you even know what the core values of any branch of the military are? Do you even know that marines are marines not soldiers? Ok so take this story down, you are only making it worst. TMZ losing major points here.. Take your show to Afghanistan and report from there, experience what the troops go through, until then stop commenting bcuz you guys have no idea what you are talking about!!!

1024 days ago


I am so touched & impressed by Harvey's thoughtful words & intelligence re the 'soldiers peeing incident'. You really nailed it today!!

1024 days ago


We don't pee on our enemies because we are supposed to be better people than they are.

People's Choice Awards are voted on by fans, i. e. the people who buy your music, seeyour movies, etc. Get your can over there.

1024 days ago


What kind of a cretin writes something like that. Soldiers are trained to DEFEND!!!

******* idiots...

1024 days ago


Our military is NOT trained to hate our enemy.

There is no excuse for behavior like this.

1024 days ago


Harvey, for shame!!! Normally I enjoy your comments. If you look at things like the Milgram Experiment, we know that people will do monstrous things.
We know not all soldiers are bad.
The killing may have been deemed 'necessary' but the urinating is totally disrespectful and unnecessary...end of story
Listening to the soldier is interesting. You have to hate the enemy to survive. Heaven forbid we should see war for the unnecessary atrocity it is...

1024 days ago


A civilian will never understand what it is to be in a combat situation or having to maintain Iraqi prisoner and treat them with decency when they throw feces in your face as you pass by and you have to take antibiotic shots practically everyday... The situations that we go through are unexplainable and mess with our heads. What those marines did was just a way to release some of their anger. Of course it is not right and they have to be punished because if we think this is alright, then we would be just like the enemy, UNcivilized!

1024 days ago
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