Heather Locklear Currently Being Treated in ICU

1/13/2012 10:42 AM PST

Heather Locklear is currently being treated in an intensive care unit -- this according to a spokesperson for the hospital where Heather is staying.

According to the spokesperson, Heather is in good condition and she is medically stable. Heather is currently getting one-on-one care.

According to the spokesperson, she is not currently receiving visitors. Heather is currently being clinically evaluated and will continuously be throughout the day.

The spokesperson said Heather was brought in yesterday in "serious condition" -- and as of now, the time and date of Heather's discharge is unknown.

3:10 PM PST -- The spokeserson just made another announcement, claiming Heather has been upgraded to "good" condition ... but is still in the ICU. According to the spokesperson, Heather has been spending most of the day sleeping, but when she was awake, the actress was "chatty."

The spokesperson claimed Heather was in an "agitated" state upon her arrival to the hospital -- and she "was not speaking in coherent terms."

The spokesperson insisted the situation was NOT a suicide attempt.