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Heather's Medical Emergency ...

Hidden Signs of Trouble

1/13/2012 12:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

011212_tmzlive 17-03-02

The issues behind Heather Locklear's 911 emergency have been simmering for months -- but one thing is helping mask her battles with addiction. We've got all new details.

Plus, Tila Tequila wants to be a Jew -- so we're giving her TMZ's official Tribe test. It ain't Jeopardy ... but it's way funnier. Also, giving up sex for LIFE ... to be the greatest QB of all time? You gotta hear one TMZ staffer's reasoning for choosing football! 


(3:00) We broke the story -- Heather Locklear hospitalized yesterday for drug and alcohol  ... now we'll give you details you won't hear anywhere else.
(4:15) Heather -- a long history of addiction issues.
(7:30) Chaos in the newsroom! A huge story is breaking.
(10:20) The media is still attacking the peeing marines -- and Harvey has a HUGE issue with it.
(11:45) Itay -- a former Israeli solder -- won't budge ... he says there's no excuse for the way those marines acted.
(18:01) A look into our newsroom at work -- Mike is trying to confirm a major story.
(19:30) Tila Tequila is on the phone -- she's converting to Judaism ... so we're going to put her to the test.
(20:45) It all makes sense now ... Tila says reality show honcho David Weintraub is helping her convert.
(28:45) If you could be the greatest QB of all-time but had to be a life-long virgin ... would you do it? One staffer says hell yeah. 


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John Patterson    

No one can say anything about this who has not been in Combat. I am a Vietnam Veteren and saw and did things that I would have not believed I could do....but that is war. That is why we give them names like gook, viet cong, Kruat, towel head. You send us of to war and expect us to be farm boys from Kansas all the time...Shame on anyone that says anything bad about this men. Try it before you open your mouth.

953 days ago

Ghost Rider    

Harvey Levin, I give you mad props. You are a highly evolved spiritual being having a human experience here. I believe the war in Afganistan is to protect the Heroin fields, so I dont want to get into that aspect of it, but some of these troops KNOW that, which is half of my problem with some of them! Please keep up the good fight!

953 days ago

ralphie the one-eyed    

The bodies were already dead. I doubt they got their feelings hurt.

953 days ago


Sorry Charles,(charlie)I am agreeing with Harvey on this one. So, were is the outrage when our troops have their bodies desicrated by our emenies? Why are we, the US including our troops always protrayed as villians?


953 days ago

mike holly    

she is nasty

953 days ago


Poor heather she has aserious problem on her hands. Getting off pills and drink. They can knock her out and let her detox but then she has to stop doing it.
This is the 3rd time shes ODed nexted time could be her last. She has a duaghter to think about.
Heather go to thehospital detox then go to AA meetings once a day for a couple of years. Take back Jack cuz he is a good infulance on you.
Gods seped to Heather.
get well soon.

953 days ago


Oh Sure....HOW DARE US......compared to CUTTING PEOPLE'S HEADS OFF, they got off pretty easy by comparison to what atrocities they have committed.......These poor guys are programmed in training to hate the enemy......can't have it both ways....

953 days ago
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