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New Casey Anthony Photos

It's a Dog's Life

1/15/2012 6:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Casey Anthonys new dog
A new series of Casey Anthony photos -- posted on Twitter by the same person who posted the previous pics -- surfaced online last night ... featuring the dog Casey said she adopted in an earlier video

Casey still has the same short blonde hair and glasses she was sporting in the other photos.

It's still unclear who's releasing the photos. Anthony's attorney, Jose Baez, told Geraldo Rivera he would go after him/her ... but then Baez quit as Casey's attorney just days later. 


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It is hard to see her smiling enjoying a new little puppy dog, when she took Caylee's smile away or any chance of Caylee ever enjoying a new little puppy.

How can she even flaunt this? How can she live with herself after taking her own child's life?

I have to trust that God will deal with her. Have to.

975 days ago


If you click on the the photo's, who get's paid? Wait for it... BTW, how can an attorney quit, isn't he handling her appeal? More crap from the poop mobile..

975 days ago


The only thing I am interested in hearing from this bish is HOW DID CAYLEE DIE? TELL US THE TRUTH! We dont want to see your pix or your vlog. We dont want to know what you have been doing or how you are adjusting. JUST TELL US THE TRUTH ABOUT CAYLEE! S l U T B U C K E T murderer needs to be in prison!

975 days ago


I don't think her attorney can quit. He's handling her appeal on check charges. Should he quit that would be abandonment and she could sue him. Than another POS attorney would take the case!

975 days ago

I love Casey    

Casey I am so happy to see that you now have a pet and you look so happy, one day soon you will have another child, husband, an entire family and you will be even happier. I prayed for you all during your trial and my prayers were answered, I am still praying for you and my prayers will be answered again. You are the most beautiful celebrity in the world and you seem like wonderful woman, I would do anything in the world to meet you and maybe spend a night with you, I am your number 1 supported. If you read this know that I would do anything in the world to be your friend or be with you.

975 days ago


Guess she's pretending to be "Sybil" these days....claiming it was someone else posting, when it really was her...(or her alter ego.) Yeah...right....

975 days ago

There's a problem here    

As soon as she realizes that she can't leave the dog for more than a few hours at a time it will be curtains for the poor thing. Check the swamp areas for garbage bags as soon as she's out partying again.

975 days ago


Seriously??? This child killer bitch is releasing these videos and pics, no one is hacking anything of hers, who would want to??? I feel for that poor dog too, she should not be able to have anything that requires love and care! Casey just disappear already no one cares about you!! RIP Caylee

975 days ago

Jimmy jamz    

Check out the amount of female screen names posting the venom here. Its ok ladie***** the treadmill like you obsess about this young lady, maybe then someone will pay you some attention.

975 days ago


If he pisses on something or poops on her clothes, is she going to slap the dog around or put duct tape on the dog and put him in a garbage bag and leave him to die in a swampy area? If the dog chews up her expensive bra, is she going to take his life?

975 days ago


Someone plz end here already. She is all smiles with a dog but yet you hear nothing about her dead child. What a ******* L O S E R she is. I hope you read this Casey.......your a baby killer....plain and simple.

975 days ago


I pity that poor dog. Seriously, did you hear how many dead dogs they had with that family? No reason not to think that someone with ice in their veins could kill dogs they were jealous of their mother showing a lot of attention to. Or on whom they were practicing knocking out as practice for their kid who they never wanted. She seems to be a sociopath & they kill animals.

975 days ago


SO done with TMZ!! Why do you insist on putting this baby killer on your site?!?!? She is truly stomach turning. No one cares about this monster.

975 days ago


in before that dog ends up in a plastic bag in a field to rot while she's off at wet t-shirt contests

975 days ago


Her Puppy is just adorable like her. I bet she loves her new pup a lot.

975 days ago
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