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Lindsay Lohan

Cutting It Close

with Probation

1/16/2012 4:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan goes before  Judge Stephanie Sautner tomorrow for her second probation progress report and she will once again pass with flying colors ... but this time it came down to the wire ... sources tell TMZ.

As the judge dictated back in November, Lindsay was required to complete 12 morgue visits and 4 psychotherapy sessions by Tuesday's court hearing. Sources close to Lindsay tell us she's done just that ... but she completed the last 2 morgue visits on Friday and Saturday. 

According to our sources, Lindsay has been a model morgue employee.  Translation -- She gets the job done with no drama and she's friendly with the staff.

After tomorrow's hearing  Lindsay will be at the halfway mark of her probation. She has another hearing February 15, where she'll have to show proof she completed another 12 morgue visits and 4 therapy classes. And on March 29 -- her final hearing -- she must show she's completed the remaining 17 morgue visits and 6 therapy classes. 

Should Lindsay slip up at any point, she gets 270 days behind bars.

We'll be in court tomorrow.



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Good for her. she's finally stepping up and the community service and she's taking a lower profile all around. definitely a more stable change. just keep it going.

1010 days ago



1010 days ago


She got coke delivered to her at Chateau Marmont 2 days ago.

1010 days ago


Wow TMZ is just waiting for Lindsay to screw up. Makes sense........who will be they reporting on if Lindsay doesn't make a court appearance?!
We get it, we get it you hate her. Let it go this point you all sound like jealous High School girls. Please TMZ find something better to report on than Lindsay Lohan court appearances. Thanks!

1010 days ago


Way to go Lindsay! Still plenty of time to blow it! Get your nails done for the judge and show her who's in charge!

1010 days ago


Lindsey has gone the way of the Kardashians, but way before... Please stop reporting on trash we could careless about :) TYTYTYTYTY VERY VERY MUCH! <3

1009 days ago

Fat Mike    

Well done Lindsay. Only 10 more weeks until party time!

1009 days ago


Good job Lindsay, we are rooting for you.

TMZ this story is BS. Lindsay has completed on time as ordered, it wasn't 'down to the wire', she could have gone on Monday. Stop trying to create drama where there isn't any. I guess you want people to tune in on Tuesday.

1009 days ago


Lindsays good progress will disappoint some commentors on this site, they were predicting she wouldn't make it mainly due to the Christmas and New Year holidays. Don't underestimate Lindsay, the woman is getting the job done...Good luck Lindsay, you're on the right track!

1009 days ago


Surprised she was allowed to go on Saturday since she's working at the coroner's office, and their business hours are Monday through Friday. The weekend is considered "after hours". Today is a holiday, so she wouldn't have been able to go today. Good job getting it done Lindsay, if this story is true. Hopefully their sources aren't Honig or Dina, since they've been caught in lies about Lindsay.

1009 days ago


"Good job?" "Way to go?" This is probation we're talking about. She should have been law abiding in the first place. The woman is a convict! Sheesh!

1009 days ago


Best of luck, Lindsay, well done, keep it up! Last lap now.

TMZ and their vultures can't wait to see you fail. Don't give them the satisfaction! I believe in you - get the morgue visits and therapy sessions done, and be a free woman once again.

1009 days ago


Wonder if Lindsay will be the first adult in her family to behave like an adult. God knows her parents sure haven't been role models...but either way, she can no longer blame either of them.

1009 days ago



Good to see you saying well done to Lindsay. That was a decent thing to have said.

The morgue is a 24/7 operation and its in the morgue she is completing her CS. Other people doing their CS at the same place have said where they and Lindsay were working and its not pleasant. I say again well done Lindsay, keep on track and finish this.

1009 days ago


Im so happy for Lindsay God bless her.TMZ it seems you are on a witch hunt for her,leave her alone....its time you pick on someone else

1009 days ago
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