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Dwyane Wade

My $230k Car Can Fly ... Sorta

1/17/2012 3:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dwyane Wades 2012 McLaren MP4-12CDwyane Wade got a SICK $230,000 sports car at his 30th birthday party in Miami this weekend -- but the most impressive part of the gift is how it was AIRLIFTED into the hotel pool without a scratch.

The car is a brand new 2012 McLaren MP4-12C -- given to him for FREE by the owner of a local luxury car dealership. Wade is the brand ambassador for that particular dealership.

The guy wanted the presentation of the car to be super-fancy -- with the McLaren waiting for Wade on a platform in the middle of the hotel pool. Problem is, you can't just drive that thing inside the hotel.

Instead, the car was loaded up onto a crane in the alley next to the pool area ... hoisted above the hotel wall ... and carefully lowered onto the waiting platform, positioned inside the pool.

Props to the crew -- because the whole thing went off without a hitch ... and D-Wade accepted his present in front of famous friends like Usher, Common, T.I., LeBron, and Chris Bosh.

D-Dub even got a shout from Vogue chief Anna Wintour ... who said, "I hope we'll see you back at NY Fashion Week in September, because you're my favorite person to sit next to at the shows."

The rich get richer.


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No Avatar


this same guy would see a homless person in the street and turn his nose at him before he would give him 5 bucks

1009 days ago


WOW, I'm soooooo happy for him!! Who gives a sheit. I guess this story is meant to make all of us normal folks feel like crap. Well done TMZ, well done.

1009 days ago


Kids going hungary in this land of plenty
and crap like this goes on all the time everywhere w/ no thought of the afore mentioned.

1009 days ago


In a few years, he'll be declaring bankruptcy. A fool and his money so it goes.

1009 days ago


I bett he held a gun to the dealers' head saying give this to me free or else. That is how these people work.

1009 days ago


who the fr!ck is dwayne wade?

1009 days ago


This is sad, made me start my morning feeling like crap.

1009 days ago


Sweet....Check out mt fashion blog where you can keep up with all the current fashion...http://jennistyles-marie.blogspot.com

1009 days ago


Normally, I think the comments about kids going hungry and rich getting richer as being empty, but, really, this is kind of dumb to advertise. I know he advertises that he does a lot for charity and I hope he does, but it amazes me to see ALL of these celebrities going around with their security as thought they're the kings of the world. Meanwhile, the real King of the world, the God who created it, walked this earth with no security and as a pauper, hung out with people poorer than Him, and eventually was killed by the so called kings of the world, only to become the one who would save countless lives. So, after whom would we rather model ourselves?

1009 days ago

Dan Frederiksen    

meh. if it isn't electric it isn't cool

1009 days ago


babies being left to freeze to death,kids going hungry,people dieing from no medical care and this guy gets this.people losing thier houses..real nice..hope he sleeps well at night

1009 days ago


The level of corny-haterism on this site is nauseating! Who the hell are you guys to say what someone does or doesn't deserve or should or shouldn't recieve. You guys sound like weak bitter-bastards who don't possess the drive or heart to push yourselves mentally or physically past the point of average. So you wait around to talk crap about people that do. One person isn't going to change the world. It will need to be a collective effort... Obviously! Bitchin about individuals who have worked hard to attain what they have in life makes no sense. I bet everything D-Wade gives more to charity than you ever will. Focus your energy on being a better person... Not a better hater.
Jus sayin...

1009 days ago


Ok, so the American dream is to dream big, make lots of money, the pursuit of happiness and all that stuff yet when a man does this people **** all over him for his extravagance. Whether you like it or not the man EARNED his own money and bought something let's face it most of us would LOVE to have. It's his money and he should be able to do whatever he wants with it. People are very quick to want to give away other people's money yet I wonder how much of their own money they've given up. If you're so worried about the sick and needy what have YOU done about it? I would suggest most people haven't done A THING, not a single thing, they just piss and moan about people they wish they were and had the kind of money they'll never see. It really has less to do about making a difference as does that fact people are just plain jealous.

1009 days ago


These comments are truly sickening. I am pretty sure that envy and jealousy are qualities that are seen as less than stellar yet so many of you are exhibiting them right now. First of all, it was a gift to the man. Expensive, lavish and over the top? Sure, but it was a gift. Plenty of you were doing the same around Christmas time and half of you spending all of your paychecks, but I guess that is ok because Christmas is about giving gifts, not about Jesus' birthday.

There are definitely bigger issues in the world, but it's funny how everyone thinks that because someone is rich that they should be taking care of them. What are you doing to help out others? Are many of you not the same people that complain when the government gives support to people? When times were good in the U.S. the first thing was don't give money to other countries, don't give me tax money to the poor, don't give money to the unemployed.

The problem with this country isn't a guy getting a gift, it's the jealousy from it. Do your part and everyone would be well taken care of. There is enough food and resources that no one has to go hungry. Instead of putting all your money into entertainment, the reason why actors and athletes make so much maybe we should look to support people like quality doctors, teachers, firemen, police and take better care of our military men and women when they come back. WE can get more done when we look at ourselves instead of pointing the finger and telling others what they should do.

1009 days ago

Ali A    

That's not the hotel pool -- it's the courtyard pond.... the hotel pools are in the back of the hotel. Just FYI.

1009 days ago
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