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'CSI' Star Gary Dourdan

A Little Reminder from Hizzoner:


1/17/2012 1:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"CSI" star Gary Dourdan was in court for his domestic violence case and the judge was NOT pleased -- chastising the actor for violating a protective order by texting his ex-girlfriend.

Gary was in court to reschedule a prelim hearing, but also got chewed out by the judge because the prosecutor says Gary sent his ex-GF a text message on December 24th -- wishing her a "Merry Christmas" -- and then called her.

The judge let Gary off with a stern warning -- making it clear ... the actor would be remanded into custody if he tried to contact her again. He's due back in court February 15.

TMZ broke the story ... Gary's ex-girlfriend obtained a restraining order against the actor after he allegedly broke her nose back in November.

It might have been the worst possible day to be in court too -- the same day as Lindsay Lohan's progress report hearing -- because every news outlet on the planet was swarming the courthouse.


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Mumra the Ever Living    

Why are you insisting on calling this violent piece of crap the star of CISLV?. The dude was fired in 2008 from a show that is still on TV and going strong. He's not a star, he's a drugged out abuser of women.\
Get it right once in a while TMZ.

980 days ago


should read EX STAR OF CSI, Just like tmz calling all these reality people STARS. Until he gets clean he won't find any work with his druggy rep.

980 days ago

Uncle Sal    

Since when is Jimmy Kimmel is lawyer?

980 days ago


dude needs to lay off the puroxide.

980 days ago


TMZ, Gary is NOT a CSI star if anything he is an EX CSI star.

980 days ago



980 days ago


I pray for him all the time, regardless of what he's done. He is a really nice guy, he's just lost. For a long time I wondered what had come of my favorite actor on CSI but even after I had seen some of his woes, he's still my favorite and he always will be.
We all make huge mistakes but not all of us do it in a fish bowl, under a magnifying glass or worse the media.
Robert Downey Jr. Had some really hard times also but he came back from it and I believe Gary will be back also, even better then before! Just like "Iron Mail".

980 days ago

Jay W.     

goose - fabra ... goose - fabra

980 days ago


I heard the cast of CSI saying how close and friendly the team was making the show. WOW ! It would seem that there is help available for the white chick and guy who fall from the show They were helped and could return freely. But poor Dourdan who is helping him now?
Friendly eh?
Could it be the black guy is as always, alone on the so called friendly show?

979 days ago


Is that Jimmy Kimmel next to him?

979 days ago


Those stupid Californian Star Struck judges are effen hypocritical---they cut celebrities breaks then PRETEND [to throw the public off the scent to how fvck-up they are] to be pissed when the celebrity blows them off. What the hell do you expect---it's like an indulging parent who then wonders why their precious David/Sara is so SELFISH.

Well duhhhhh.

979 days ago

nalva soares     

gary voce e gato mais dificio e impossivel do mundo mais confio em deus quer um dia vou fala com voce porquer desejo para voce esua familia o melho de deus voce e um vitorioso e vecendo estou rejando por voce de sua fa nalva

899 days ago

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