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Pilar Sanders SLAMS Deion

He's a No-Good CHEATER

... and a MEGA-Narcissist

1/17/2012 3:12 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Pilar Sanders mad at Deion
Pilar Sanders
just filed EXPLOSIVE new court documents in her divorce from Deion Sanders -- claiming the NFL star is a narcissistic "bully" who cheated on her with multiple people.

In the docs, obtained by TMZ, Pilar states her husband of 12 years "has been guilty of unkind, uncaring, insensitive, cruel and unusual treatment of [Pilar] ... as well as physical, mental and emotional abuse of [Pilar] and the parties' children."

Pilar says the divorce should be granted on grounds of "mental, emotional and physical abandonment."

Pilar adds, "[Deion] committed numerous acts of adultery ... on numerous occasions throughout the marriage." Just to be clear, she adds, "[Deion] voluntarily had sexual intercourse with others who were not his spouse."

It gets nastier ... she adds, "[Deion] is a bully" ... who "suffers from a narcissistic personality disorder, needs a full psychological evaluation."

In the docs, filed today in Texas, Pilar claims Deion also needs a parenting coach to teach him how to be a better father. 

Now, on to the money -- Pilar claims the judge should throw out their prenup ... and award Pilar a lion's share of the estate ... because she feels she was duped into signing the deal while under duress.

In the docs, Pilar requests sole legal custody of the couple's three mutual children ... claiming Deion is a bad, absentee father.

Pilar is also asking for exclusive access to the couple's mega-mansion in Texas ... meaning she wants Deion to finally pack his stuff and get out.

TMZ broke the story ... Deion filed for divorce first back in December ... and later said he was on good terms with Pilar.

Apparently, he was wrong.

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give me a freakin break    

Pillar calling the kettle black. Freaking hypocrite.

1009 days ago


Pilar is a money grubbing slut.

1009 days ago


He is definately a self absorbed disgrace of a human. As a waiter many many years ago, I had the displeasure of being the waiter assigned to his table. He ordered more than $800 worth of food and alchohol and only left a $5 tip. I caught up with him before he was able to slink out of the establishment and offered him his money back and stating "you obviously need this more than I do". He exclaimed loudly how offended he was as I was walking away. He then threw a racial comment at me to which I responded by throwing an ashtray at his head...nicking his ear. He left as I started towards him...I was 6'1 and weighed 200lbs with nothing but muscle...to which he promptly left.

I was fired, but thought it was well worth it. I am now very successful and always make sure to remind people how much of a fool this disgraceful human being is.

1009 days ago




1009 days ago


Typical broad...didn't contribute anything except some vertical refreshment over the years and she things she is entitled to everything. Who is the narcissist here?

1009 days ago

give me a freakin break    

JACKIEMICHELE- I have an opinion, and that's what a comment section is for, or did you not know about that part of the internet. See, just because you disagree with my sentiment, does not mean I should have first hand knowledge to their personal life IN ORDER TO FACILITATE MY OPINION. Live with it.

And for God's sake, how can you have a functioning brain and not realize that most women in Deion's world marry for money and ONLY MONEY. So why take the neutral approach? YOU'RE WEAK.

1009 days ago


Wow....Deion....just be quiet...don't say anything...she is just piss that she signed that Prenup

1009 days ago

brown dynamite    

This B. 1. T. C. H.

1009 days ago


NEON DEON is a narcissist? No way!!
What a HUGE surprise!! No one could see THAT!

1009 days ago

Zach Swan    

Yet another worthless, lowlife, gold-digging slut with an axe to grind. Pilar, how did you get so delusional as to believe that allowing someone into your vaginal cavity means you deserve a red cent? You knew what you were getting when you married a celebrity. There are a different set of rules that they play by. If you want someone to remain faithful to you, marry a postman or an accountant (and it wouldn't hurt if you didn't let dozens of people bang you while you were married) not a wealthy celeb.

1009 days ago



drjimenez: about a minute ago

Wow....Deion....just be quiet...don't say anything...she is just piss that she signed that Prenup

BINGO!!! Let Pilar go off as much as she likes because the Prenup has already established what she'll receive and her "narcissistic", "gold digging" AZZ knows she's not going to land another Deion Sanders. She's pulling out all of the stops due to sheer "DESPERATION"!!! Nobody told her to marry this guy -- THAT WAS "HER" CHOICE!!!

1009 days ago


Sounds like another pissed off woman who only wants as much money as she can get out of a divorce. I'm not saying that he is any better, but COME ON! Sounds like this will be one looonggg and EXPENSIVE divorce!

1009 days ago


She would say anything to get THAT PRENUP thrown out.. she is full of it.

1009 days ago


Hahaha... Narcissist eh? You didn't figure that out BEFORE you married him? He named his first two kids Deion Jr. and Deiondra!!!!!!!!!! They deserve each other. What Morons.

1009 days ago

Jay W.     

I hope they reconcile. Looks to be a perfect match.

1009 days ago
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