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Heather Locklear, Jack Wagner

Have a Date ...

With Prosecutors

1/19/2012 5:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Heather Locklear and Jack Wagner
Heather Locklear and Jack Wagner have been ordered to appear at the L.A. City Attorney's Office for a hearing ... which will determine if either or both get charged with criminal battery after a blow-out fight.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... the LAPD has prepared a file on the fight between Heather and Jack that occurred in late December at Jack's San Fernando Valley home. We're told cops were called to the home after Heather and Jack allegedly got physical with each other during a heated argument. As one law enforcement source said, "She lost it on him and he retaliated."

When cops arrived ... neither Heather nor Jack wanted to press charges ... but the file was still sent over to the City Attorney for review.

Heather and Jack now must go to an office hearing ... an informal talk in which prosecutors hear out both sides and then decide if the matter should be dropped or prosecuted. We're told the hearing will be held by the end of the month.

The City Attorney could decide to file misdemeanor battery charges against Heather, Jack or both, but our sources say it's almost certain the matter will be dropped after the hearing.


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What Heather - being born beautiful, having a very successful and lucrative career, a beautiful daughter - that's not enough for you?

971 days ago


Maybe David Spade, the SNL comedian with the TV show "Rules of Engagement" should talk to Heather about going to rehab.

I read something on the internet that he would like to go out with her again. They dated back in 2006.

If Heather still likes David then she needs to go to rehab and get all those chemicals out of her system ... and KEEP them out. Literally "get clean" on the inside. I'm sure David wants the "old Heather" who was healthy and happy not the "messed up Heather" like she is now.

971 days ago


Make them both pay for wasting the courts time and taxpayers $$$.
She needs to stop embarrassing her daughter and get some help for her alcohol and drug problems. Teen years are hard enough to deal with, without having your mother's idiocy splashed all over the news!

971 days ago


Wait....isn't it a LAW that one person must be arrested when called to a domestic call???? Do regular Jo's get an informal talk in which prosecutors hear out both sides and then decide if the matter should be dropped or prosecuted?Such blantant treatment for the rich is exactly why people are turning on them, right Kim?

971 days ago

Jay W.     

Probably just wanted to give her the club.

Wheelchair Barbie style.

971 days ago


Aw shucks, just two old people having sex....

971 days ago


Heather is going to give herself the reputation of being another Courtney Love if she continues this addict spiral.

She, Charlie Sheen, Courtney Love and others, who refuse to get help, think they are above getting any help and hurt those near and dear and around them, are just self absorbed individuals sucked into the darkness of their substance addictions.

When they are that far in, they do not care about anything except getting the next pill, the next drink, the next hit.

They will stoop to abuse to fight to continue their addiction.

It is as if the devil has a grip on addicts when they are in so deep.

It is sad for her daughter, her parents, and those she is hurting.

Time for consequences, legal trouble, cutting ties and relationships, etc, if she continues.

I do not blame Jack for leaving Heather, no one wants to be pulled into an addicts world, it is all about the addict, damage control, cleaning up their messes, co-dependency, and covering their image. Exhausting. NOT worth it.

I hope Heather is held accountable for being abusive and feels some consequences to her addictive out of control behavior.

So hope her daughter is never on the end of her Mother's abusive hand physically, bad enough she is pulled in emotionally.

971 days ago


This is a complete waste of tax payers money. Of course no charges will be brought against them.

971 days ago


I love this...'It wasn't a suicide attempt'...published immediately after she goes to the hospital - so this statement comes, if taking pills and slugging booze together isn't a suicide attempt, then what would you call it?

971 days ago


No charges were pressed!!! Why waste our tax dollars on stuff like this!!!

971 days ago


I went through something somewhat similiar with a former boyfriend. Loved him like crazy. But he was descending into addiction to cocaine. Beautiful, hugely succesful guy that just went off the rails. The emotional toll it took was nearly causing me to be clinically depressed. I moved out of state - never said good-bye. I felt I needed a break to protect myself. He died a few months later. The crazy thing is I didn't know he had an addiction until years later when I found out he died. I just thought it was a toxic relationship I needed to end. He was still functioning at a high level and a success at his job. If Heather is truly an addict, she cannot help herself at this point. All the cr*p about an addict has to want help is wrong. Family,friends need to force a hospitalization/treatment. Underneath the madness of addiction is a wondeful soul who deserves to live.

971 days ago


I object to the cop's use of the word "retaliated" when applied to Jack. I think it's she got wasted on booze and pills, went crazy, attacked him and he DEFENDED himself.

971 days ago


This all started because jack wouldn't sing "all I need".

971 days ago


WOW...Must be nice to have money...Wish I was treated this good when I was thrown in jail for 3 days and threatened with a year in county because I splashed a drink in my spouse's face and accidently hit him with a plastic pink floral summer edition Walmart cup (cup never left my hand)...I'm a 40 yr old mom of 2 teenagers with no record yet I wasn't given the chance to speak at court let alone defend myself..No special treatment here...The law is the law..Visible signs of DV is a felony arrest with a $50,000 bail not none of this crap where you meet a month later for an informal talk to decide what will be done..Such BS

971 days ago


JHC...this Heather Locklear is a MESS!

Get your shiat together hunnie. Nobody can be an "It-Girl" into her effing '50's. It's called "real life" with it. It must be hard to deal with the absence of azz kissing and kow-towing that she has become used to just because whe was "Heather Locklear...Hot 80's Chick". There are now other younger, hotter girls in Hollywood and Heather can't deal.

It must be hard to age when you have gotten a free ride in life only because of your looks. When the looks started to fade, her world crumbled. We all age, we all get old. How many times have the cops been called? How many times has someone had to dial 911 because this child-woman took too many pills, had too much booze and wanted to kill herself? How many times has she been arrested for DUI or for driving over a pair of sunglasses?

I pity her poor daughter that her mother cannot get it together enought to act like a mother.

971 days ago
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