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Randy Jackson Sues Baby Mama

I've Given You Enough!

1/19/2012 8:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Randy Jackson
is going after the baby mama that got a huge child support judgment against him ... claiming she's sponged off the Jackson family for nearly 2 decades.

Alejandra Jackson -- who has 2 kids by Randy and 2 by his brother Jermaine -- has a child support judgment against Randy that exceeds $600,000 -- that's because Randy hasn't paid his $1,200 a month in years and the debt plus interest swelled into outer space. 

Randy has now filed legal docs trying to undo Alejandra's judgment, claiming they cut a deal in 1993 that Randy and Michael Jackson agreed to let Alejandra and her kids live in the Jackson family compound in Encino and in return he wouldn't have to pay child support.

On top of that, Randy says the Jackson family provided Alejandra with food, utilities, maids, cooks, security guards, telephones, gardeners, maintenance, use of numerous expensive cars, etc.

Randy says, in short, she's gotten way more than the $600k he owes her. 

Randy also says in the docs, Alejandra and the kids have lived "like kings and queens at Randy Jackson's expense."

We're thinkin' it's another Jackson who foots the bills.


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omg randy get a job and pay your own bills! MJ paid all the bills and he dumped them on his mom to raise - but MJ's gone and (i'm pretty sure) the mom is kicking them out of the compound cuz they are such a bad influence on mj's kids - like trying to taze blanket, plus she is to old to be raising all her grand kids - so it's time for randy to pay his own bills even if it means mcdonalds - we can only hope tyhat they throw him in jail for non payment, maybe that will teach him

954 days ago

kk md    

Maybe he should have made that sorry excuse years ago if that were true. You had your day in court when you were told to pay child support. Cheapskate pay your child support. Big baby. Your family is NOT you THE FATHER. Both parents need to take care of the kids, they sound like a bunch of brats.

954 days ago


Well, at least she kept it in the family!

954 days ago


and btw $1,200 is really cheap child support, plus what his family gave his baby mama does not count against any money randy owes her for support!

954 days ago


Hm. I wonder if it's possible to sue people here calling MJ a pedophile. It's defamation - specially since he was cleared in court. I think Harvey should contemplate the possibilities. Is it really allowed to pursue a person, year efter year, dead or alive, with remarks like that?

954 days ago

Glory Bee    

No double dipping for support already rendered by WHICHEVER Jackson. Now that she's out, support only for children that are still minors from the father of said minors. If support in form of condo and/or any other benefits is continuing from WHICHEVER Jackson, support payments need to be re-visited and support/benefits from WHICHEVER Jackson need to be formalized and figured into support decision. Pretty simple actually. And everybody, PUT A CONDOM ON that thing before you put it in another thing, dig?

954 days ago

Ernest De Brew    

Which Randy Jackson were you talking about: the one on American Idol or the one related to Michael and Janet Jackson?

I was thinking about that before reading this article.

954 days ago


Good. We need to stop rewarding women who are not married and won't stay married. When you give them free food, schooling, free medical, free baby delivery, etc you rewarding whorish behavior. You could not pay me to get involved with another American woman. They are spoiled rotten.

954 days ago


From one whore to another. She is as DISGUSTING and VILE as those kids she has w/Jermaine...Jermajesty and Jafar, who suck the life out of Prince and Paris. Why doesn't Katharine throw this piece of trash AND her ****roach kids out like last week's trash???? Let her take Randy 2 court, we all know he ain't got a dime 2 his name.

954 days ago


Men...sleep with your wh0res...DO NOT marry 'em!!!!

954 days ago

Dose Of Reality    

For a "religious" family there sure are a bunch of kids born out of wedlock.

954 days ago


BTW, when is her book coming out, bet that could be an interesting read!!!!!

954 days ago


Poor Michael. He had to take care of his nephews and his brothers' baby mamas too. No wonder he worked so hard all his life.

954 days ago
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