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Prez Obama's Singing

Secures Re-Election?

1/20/2012 12:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


President Obama's rendition of "Let's Stay Together" scored him major cool points, but is it enough to lock down a second term? Music IS powerful -- and to prove it ... Harvey and Charles attempt a (painful) sing-off.

Plus, the UK woman born with 2 vaginas gets a $1 million offer to do porn. Would you watch? Some people in the newsroom are interested, until ... a photo pops up. Also, raging debate over Newt Gingrich and the "open marriage" question at the debate!


(1:45) John King blindsides Newt Gingrich with a question about his ex-wife ... and Newt tears him a new one.
(4:05) King did a horrible job justifying the question ... but was it out of line in the first place?
(6:22) Johnny, Brian, Mike, Slade AND Evan argue that the question was totally fair game.
(11:30) Harvey says the worst part about it was...
(12:10) Harvey doesn't give a damn about what politicians do behind closed doors ... as long as they can lead the country.
(20:45) The funniest end to a call EVER.
(23:50) Obama NAILS an Al Green song at the Apollo ... will it help him in the election?
(38:30) You don't want to miss this segment -- time to talk about the lady with two vaginas.
(49:30) The moment you've all be waiting for ... Harvey and Charles have a sing-off!


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Jay W.     

Newt and Hazel make a good looking couple.

1007 days ago


No - the question is pertinent; it goes to character. This guy is a giant, narcissistic, lying PR!CK and shouldn't be allowed back in to government again in ANY CAPACITY.

1007 days ago


He says he believes in the sanctity of marriage, yet doesn't seem to feel that way about HIS OWN marriages (plural). It says a lot about a president when he can't practice what he preaches. He has proven that he will say one thing and do another. How do we believe him? I'd say that's very pertinent.

1007 days ago


Is this the type of man you want to lead your country? He is not only a pig he left a dieing wife what a nice guy!And the lady with the two *****s most men cant handle one never mind two!

1007 days ago


A WOMAN OR A MAN SCORNED ... come on...see how rotten she is ..she is nobody anyone would want to stay with and why should he? She is awful .. timing for this was to get even. Yes, he made two mistakes .. for marrying her in the first place and for staying married to her longer than a week. CLINTON AND SO MANY HAVE CHEATED WHEN DOES IT END .. MAYBE ALL THE SEXUAL EVENTS IN CLINON'S LIFE SHOULD HAVE KEPT HIM FROM OFFICE SO HE WOULDN'T HAVE MORE SEX IN OFFICE WHEN HE DID .. I'm not a fan of Newt at all but he is the most qualified admittedly to be president and next ANYONE BUT OBAMA .. THAT IS WHAT SO CAROLINA SAID TODAY!!!

1007 days ago


Newt Gingrich wanted Clinton to burn at the stake for his scandal. Why should he be any different?

1007 days ago


Many think that Bill and Hillary's open marriage is a big deal. Such a double standard it is sickening. At least Newt did divorce his wife to build a new life. I don't care. (The liberal media doesn't want to dig deep enough to find Obama's girlfriends of which I am sure there are

1007 days ago


It is VERY fair to ask Newt about it when the man LED the charges to impeach Clinton for screwing around. What's good for one, applies to another. Had Newt NOT spearheaded the charge against Bill, I would agree w/HArvey.

1007 days ago

Stan Giesea    

I think John King's question is absolutely pertinent. Gingrich was vociferously critical of President Clinton's extramarital affairs, so he should be held to his own standard. Not to mention that he left his first wife while she was battling cancer. Hypocrisy, anyone?

1007 days ago


sorry, but since the repubs make a huge deal out of family values, it's fair game.

1007 days ago


The only people who could possibly have a problem with the question are Newt supporters. He's been running on the idea that he has some sort of moral high ground. It is central to his campaign. I guess TMZ is now working for Newt. First it was defending his stance on abolishing child labor laws and now this. It's just ridiculous that there is any way Newt can be defended.

1007 days ago


Bill Clinton lives most of the time today with his girlfriend in Europe. The media says nothing.

1007 days ago


Mike needs to STHU, "real journalists would ask.." he sat down with Charlie Sheen and has his head so far up his butt not asking "real" questions. TMZ, where "real" journalists work.

1007 days ago


This S***bucket SHOULD have been asked some even tougher questions. Like how much of a hypocrite were you to be jamming up the President when you were pounding some other woman in you and your wife's bed?

1007 days ago


tmz is doing a debate about cnn asking newt a question, who would have thought. this is a big OMG

1007 days ago
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