TMZ Live Prez Obama's Singing Secures Re-Election?

1/20/2012 12:00 PM PST

TMZ Live -- President Barack Obama's Singing Secures Re-Election ... Or Does It?

President Obama's rendition of "Let's Stay Together" scored him major cool points, but is it enough to lock down a second term? Music IS powerful -- and to prove it ... Harvey and Charles attempt a (painful) sing-off.

Plus, the UK woman born with 2 vaginas gets a $1 million offer to do porn. Would you watch? Some people in the newsroom are interested, until ... a photo pops up. Also, raging debate over Newt Gingrich and the "open marriage" question at the debate!

(1:45) John King blindsides Newt Gingrich with a question about his ex-wife ... and Newt tears him a new one.
(4:05) King did a horrible job justifying the question ... but was it out of line in the first place?
(6:22) Johnny, Brian, Mike, Slade AND Evan argue that the question was totally fair game.
(11:30) Harvey says the worst part about it was...
(12:10) Harvey doesn't give a damn about what politicians do behind closed doors ... as long as they can lead the country.
(20:45) The funniest end to a call EVER.
(23:50) Obama NAILS an Al Green song at the Apollo ... will it help him in the election?
(38:30) You don't want to miss this segment -- time to talk about the lady with two vaginas.
(49:30) The moment you've all be waiting for ... Harvey and Charles have a sing-off!