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Halle Berry's Baby Daddy

Investigated for


1/23/2012 2:19 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Gabriel Aubry
Halle Berry
's baby daddy Gabriel Aubry is being investigated for criminal child endangerment and battery  -- over an incident involving his and Halle's child ... TMZ has learned.

According to the police report, obtained by TMZ, Gabriel allegedly pushed his nanny into a door while she held his daughter Nahla in her arms.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... Gabriel was supposed to take 3-year-old Nahla to school Wednesday but decided to keep her home instead. The nanny -- who worked for both Gabriel and Halle -- went to the school to pick Nahla up and was told the child was a no-show. 

According to the report, the nanny then went to Gabriel's home, where she found Nahla. The nanny picked Nahla up and began to question Gabriel as to why he didn't take the child to school.

According to the report, that's when Gabriel allegedly flew into a rage -- claiming, "You're the f**king nanny. Who do you think you are? You are a nobody. You don't need to f**king know anything." The 6-foot-4 Gabriel then allegedly pushed the 5-foot-2 nanny out the door, Nahla in her arms.

The nanny filed a police report, claiming she was injured. Law enforcement sources tell us ... police are investigating Gabriel for both misdemeanor child endangerment and misdemeanor battery.

The report lists the investigation as a battery, but law enforcement sources tell us they are "definitely investigating child endangerment."

In addition, we're told child protective services has launched a parallel child endangerment investigation.

Halle's going to court tomorrow, we believe, to secure legal protection for Nahla.

Halle's reps have no comment. So far, no word back from Gabriel's people.



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It seems to me like Halle and the nanny are blowing this out of proportions just to avoid the daddy from spending any time with his daughter. I bet the nanny got in there acting all getto and that was disrespectful. I hate when beaches start fights but then can´t take it if the other person fights back.

1007 days ago


Nanny probably being impertinent and disrespectful.

1007 days ago


Don't these people use cell phones to keep in touch? The nanny goes to the school, not knowing the kid's at home sick, not calling ahead she shows up at Dad's house and supposedly it's all a complete surprise? All sounds fishy and a he said, she said probably cooked up by nutso Halle.

1007 days ago


It looks like Halle is making it impossible for Gabriel to spend time with HIS daughter. Why the hell would he need to let the nanny know anything. He is right! And being completely being over blown. Halle, Nahla is going to HATE you for what you are doing to her father!

1007 days ago


Not to side with the devil himself (i mean who pushes anyone carrying a child??) but it was really none of the nanny's concern why he decided to keep the kid home from school. Instead, the nanny could've told Halle that the child was kept home and Halle could've then addressed the issue. Something doesn't smell legit though.

1007 days ago

Mary P    

Given the psycho things Halle has done, and the nanny going all investigator on him for keeping his OWN child home, as if she had a right to know exactly his reasons, when and how - it sounds pretty cooked up to me.

1007 days ago


I hope this is not true. There's been so much going on but this time its the nanny's claim against Gabriel. Both parents need to do right by their daughter.

1007 days ago


Sounds like the nanny is playing games, Halle Berry style. You don't question your employers, they do not work for you. Sounds like a Halle Berry/nanny set-up.

1007 days ago

Joseph Diehl    

Berry's vagina... the thought makes me hard

1007 days ago


I would be pissed if my job was to pick up the kid at school and no one bother to call me and let me know she didn't go in today. It was a waste of time. The Nanny had every right to ask why she didn't go to school so she can inform Halle, I can easily see him getting all pissed off, Most likely little Nahla was going to get picked up from school and dropped off to Halle after spending the week with her father, so he kept her for the whole day.

@Drita: "Nanny acting all getto" Really ? and it's spelled "ghetto"..Fyi..

1007 days ago


It sounds like Gabrielle misses his daughter and opted to spend the day bonding with her instead of sending her to preschool, which is ok in my opinion. The nanny had no right to question his decision as the parent. It is none of her business. It sounds like Halle is more concerned about getting her way than Nahla.

1007 days ago


Do you people not get shes probably making it sound worse..Halle is crazy a control freak..hes never done nething wrong and his a nanny with him and nahla all the time he agreed to it at first..worst mistake ever now thats all she fights to keep..Gab just wants a normal relationship with his kid Halle knows shes just insane all her exes have said so..Its her not him..poor guy now for this cos he probably got flustered i bet this nanny was way more forceful talking as if shes her mom where is nahla cos thats how halle treats him cos of his supervised visitation that he got stuck into..the judge kept it and noone knows why it was a big story her lawyers faught n won but who knows for how much longer but now that this happened idk..poor Gabrial

1007 days ago


Hallie hired the nanny and she's there to supervise him right? I don't condone his actions, but I also don't believe her story fully. She's there for a reason and that's to get any dirt on him that she can. It also isn't the nanny's concern and it should be something between Hallie and him.

1007 days ago


guess who's getting a BIG bonus from Halle this yr?

1007 days ago


I don't believe this for a second. Sounds like something that Halle Berry pr team made up to get the baby daddy out of the picture. Everyone knows Halle used Gabriel to get knocked up and to have a kid and then she just threw him out like a used rag. She also clearly stated that her kid is NOT White because it has black blood (her words not mine, google it). She could have paid off the nanny to say that he pushed her. Now he will lose all the rights to seeing his daughter and if he does get to see her, it will be monitored so basically Halle won and will raise her daughter the way SHE wants to.

1007 days ago
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