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Heidi and Seal's Split ...

Appearances Don't Mean Jack

1/23/2012 12:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Heidi Klum and Seal's breakup shocked everyone -- they always looked rock solid in public ... but were there signs things were heading south? We lay out inside details on what was going wrong ... when cameras weren't around.

Plus, Joe Paterno's legacy -- record-setting football coach or disgraced contributor to a child sex abuse coverup? The debate is raging in America ... and our newsroom!

But we all agree Carnival Cruise lines is insulting survivors of the sinking in Italy with the worst idea since letting Captain Cowardly take the wheel!


(0:00) Heidi & Seal -- the real reason they're calling it quits.
(3:30) They seemed like the perfect couple -- renewing their vows every year ... was it all just an elaborate act?
(9:00) Seal seen wearing his wedding ring today -- someone smells a setup.
(16:01) Joe Paterno passes away from lung cancer -- what will be his legacy?
(17:50) Brian rips Penn State students for praising Paterno ... and says his legendary status helped cover up the scandal.
(30:00) Caller from Pennsylvania makes some great points.
(34:30) Beyond ridiculous -- Carnival Cruise lines is offering victims ... wait for it ... a 30% discount on their next cruise!
(39:33) Harvey just broke a massive story -- Halle Berry's baby daddy is being investigated for child endangerment.
(41:30) Havey is pissed ... that he missed the cruise ship conversation. Don't worry, he gets his two cents in ... plus change.


No Avatar


Lose respect for Rhianna? Never had any. The coach has died. Which coach will die happier?

819 days ago


Please tell me the cruise line FULLY REFUNDED the passengers money.

819 days ago


Some perspective, please! He watched children get raped, and said NOTHING.

Who cares if he coached football well? It's a game. He didn't forge a new civilization. At the end of the day, he valued privileged football players and a sports game above children. He turned his back on innocents and ACTIVELY CHOSE not to be a hero. He was a coward.

819 days ago


Agree that it's ridiculous that JoePa is a hero. Football is just a game. The students he supported were gifted adults who didn't need much ego massaging. But those poor kids who he turned his back on? Those kids will suffer for life. He COULD HAVE been a HERO! But he stayed silent and decided that football and privileged athletes were more valuable than little innocent kids.

The whole world may think him a football god, but I'll always remember him as a coward.

819 days ago


I'm not saying he would, but if Harvey was seen molesting a young boy in the bathroom, how many of his own staff would turn him in? There is a loyalty factor that goes on in a lot of business's, and although it isn't right, it does go on. The question is, would you turn Harvey in?

819 days ago

Der Zauberer    

As a person who knows nothing about American Football, I didn't know who Paterno was until the molestation scandal was reported. So to me, and many like me, he'll be remembered as the guy who tried to cover up the scandal.

819 days ago


You have to remember Joe comes from a generation that ignored and disbelieved that children could be molested. His age group commonly buried their heads in the sand.

819 days ago


Carnival Cruiselines is offering a 30% discount to the survivors of the Costa Cruise that went down. This is from the same people who will try to sell you a used Carnival "Fun Bed."

819 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

He'll be remembered like the character in movie Bedazzled.

819 days ago


Since Mr. Paterno never has been and never will be convicted for his purported role in the alleged child molestation events, history will soon forget the allegations and remember him as a winning football coach of a prestigious university.

819 days ago


So tired of the small minded people who sit in judgment of others. Joe Paterno was a good man who did more good with his life than any of you who sit behind your computers spewing hate. What exactly have you done with your lives that is so noteworthy? Exactly..nothing. Joe Paterno did NOT allow the rapes of young children to continue. Who did that...Sandusky. Who else..the Board of Trustees. They knew of 3 investigations and yet, allowed Sandusky on campus and gave him the keys to the Lasch Building. PA Governor was the AG - sat on the case for 33 months knowing what was going on and failed to investigate. Why?? He was taking huge donations from Sandusky's Second Mile. Oh yea, and he was the one to throw out there the remark that Joe Paterno failed his moral obligation. Really Governor??? Who missed the moral obligation? You for refusing to investigate and taking money from Sandusky or Joe Paterno who DID report what he was told (NOT WITNESSED) to his boss and to the head of the police department. Who else knew.. the high school wrestling coach who witnessed "something' and failed to report it, McCreary, Ray Gricar, many others, but Joe Paterno did not witness it. You people are pathetic. If Joe Paterno was a bad man, then God help the rest of us. God Bless the Paterno family during their time of grieving.

819 days ago


Charles just saying "indelicate" cracked me up.
Did you see Harvey go apesheet over them making INVESTIGATED all capitals? Because he didn't want emphasis on the guys innocence, he wants to drum up the drama of his guilt because "this is a big deal" which is Harvey's code for we are going to make this a big deal even when it's not.

819 days ago


Check your facts!!! Costa never made any 30% off deal with the passengers. If someone there can read, go to their website and see what they really said, and then correct your mistake.

819 days ago


Harvey, I agree with the previous caller. Those of us who didn't go to Penn State had never heard of Joe Paterno before the scandal and therefore, his legacy in the majority of people's minds will be child molestation scandal, not football.

819 days ago


It is so sad, but he will be remembered as a PIG who covered for a "child liker" He did it to himself

819 days ago
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