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Halle Berry's Nanny

Loses Restraining Order Bid

Against Gabriel Aubry

1/24/2012 10:35 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Gabriel Aubry restraining order documents
Halle Berry
's nanny -- who Gabriel Aubry allegedly pushed into a door while she was holding his daughter Nahla -- just got shut down in court -- the judge rejected her request for a restraining order.

Alliance Kamdem claimed she feared retaliation by Aubry, but the judge called her petition "insufficient and speculative."

In her declaration, Kamdem raised more issues than the alleged incident last week, in which she claimed Aubry pushed her out the door while she was holding Nahla. Kamdem cites another alleged incident in June in which she claims Gabriel violently pushed her out a door.

Kamdem claims during a recent trip to Spain where Halle was shooting a movie, Gabriel "would walk over and violently grab/take Nahla away from me." 

She also said Gabriel didn't like her from the moment she began her duties as a nanny last June.  She claims Gabriel said, "You are a spy," and "Nahla doesn't like you, she doesn't want you here."

The judge said Kamdem's issues should be resolved in family court.

TMZ broke the story ... Gabriel is currently being investigated for child endangerment and battery -- after allegedly pushing Kamdem into a door while she held Nahla in her arms.

Kamdem filed a police report after the incident, claiming Gabriel had injured her. She has since quit the nanny position.


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I use to think Halle was one of the most beautiful women in the world. However, her ugliness that comes from with in, makes it hard to even like her. What's this new guys story? He thinks he can change Scarry Berry?

980 days ago


OK. Here's my question, if you look at the do***ent that TMZ attached it says that the nanny was required to be with Nahla from 12:30 on every day no matter which parent she was with, but when she went to the school to pick her up (which she apparently was supposed to do everyday) the school told her she hadn't been there for 2 days. Why wasn't she complaining about the same thing the day before?

980 days ago


he should be allowed to hire his own nanny if he feels he needs one when he has visitations with his daughter.

980 days ago


One day the truth will come out and it sure won't be what Halle has been trying to portrait and do the Father of their daughter... It just baffled me that she is willing to go there with Nahla in the middle. And honestly from what has been said and gathered over the year or so it all seem to be her side and not only that mostly hearsay with zip evidence !!!!!!!! And obviously the nanny has been on Halle's payroll since day one, so it's very obvious that she will take Halle's side. The nanny was probably pissed to be around Gabriel which from what she is saying never uses her and is taking this very personal. I'm just saying that these 2 woman need to really look in the mirror and realize the impact this will ultimately have on Nahla. Oh by the way didn't anyone notice that the nanny has to be with both of them ? All this time they made it look like Gabriel was the only one that was supposed to have a nanny present.... Good ol' media manipulation.

980 days ago


...a restraining order, now I wonder who could have put her up to that. She wish she was that important that somebody would want anything to do with her... One thing good that came out of this, now the word on the street is to keep that psycho-bitch the hell away from your kid, unless you're a gluten for drama.

980 days ago


Nanny works for Halle, no doubt she's a spy whose job is to either catch him or make up lies so he can lose custody. I'm losing all respect for Halle who is not playing fair. Her daughter needs her father in her life. When their daughter grows up will lose respect for Halle for keeping her dad from her.

980 days ago


Gabrielle is a nice Canadian boy but sadly he was naive to get involved with Halle Berry. (take a look at her history if you need more proof).

Oliver, think long and hard before marrying or impregnating this woman. Right now you stand beside her because you think she loves you but just you wait until you are on her bad side. She will do ANYTHING to destroy you then.

980 days ago


How about everyone involved grows the hell up and puts the welfare of the child ahead of their own selfish, psycho needs? What a concept! Childish, indulged idiots. It's tragic that it doesn't take more to have a child than what you're average rodent can do.

980 days ago


Halle is behind this because she can't take rejection. She has serious issues as far as I am concerned. This is typical female b.s. once there is a breakup.

Gabriel should have known from her track record that He would be nothing more than a sprem donor to a psychotic hot mess that was once covered by a decent outter appearance who has now turned into a fading, not so good looking has-been who's nothing more than an angry rejected baby mama.

980 days ago


I feel so bad that NAHLA was born to that s*** of the earth mother of hers!! What loving mother would go to court and try to BAN their child's father on the word of a freakin NANNY without even talking to him first. She's an AWFUL mother!!!!!

980 days ago


LOL...The nanny tries to get a restraining order against the bio dad?????...well, this is easy...don't go to his home, and mind your own business if you're that scared...I am sure had she been really scared of him she wouldn't have gotten in his face..come on, if it quakes like a duck, and walks like a duck....

980 days ago


Sine when does a nanny have the right to question a parent on why a child wasn't in school... and obviously the school would know she was sick if she wasn't there... She already got confirmation from Halle that the child was sick and not in school for 2 days... Then she said she sent him a text telling him to let her know when Nahla woke up so she could come get get her AFTER she previously stated he sent her a text stating he would text her when she got up...I's be sick of her **** to questioning me all the time... she's a paid babysitter

980 days ago


Hmm.. Definately sounds like a "Nanny Shake down" to me. Looks to me like the nanny is looking for a payout. In past photo's of Gabriel & his daughter, she never looks frightened of her father, in fact she looks the exact opposite. Not to mention if this happened for the first time in June of last year, then why did she stick around, and keep her mouth shut that long ? Hope Halle is smarter than that. Because Im sure she is going to sue Halle as well, maybe say Halle put her in an unsafe environment.

I do not think Gabriel did anything this nanny claims. Nothing. She's just looking for money.

980 days ago


I agree with another poster her. Halle has known the father longer than she has known the nanny. Why is Halle so stupid to take the nanny's word for it, and not talk to Gabriel, and her daughter first ? Yeah, she sounds like a controlling, regected, bitch, who obviously has issues with men. Im sure she just hooked up with Gabriel in the first place, because she was merely looking for a donor.

Halle needs to be smart about this, and talk to her ex before she takes the nanny's word for it. Stupid, stupid, stupid, on her part. Dumb.

980 days ago


Good, now deport her wicked ass!!

980 days ago
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