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Jay Leno Sued

Is This Some Kind of Sikh Joke?

1/24/2012 3:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

NO ONE mocks the Sikh religion and gets away with it ... not even Jay Leno -- at least that's the sentiment behind a new lawsuit, filed by one angry Sikh follower ... in Bakersfield, CA.

It's all over a recent segment on "The Tonight Show" (above) -- in which Jay pokes fun at the homes of several GOP candidates. We'll spare you, but the punchline is that Mitt Romney -- a famously wealthy businessman -- spends his summers in a solid gold palace.

As an illustration, Jay pulled up a photo of India's Harmandir Sahib -- aka the Golden Temple of Amritsar -- one of the most sacred buildings in the world to the Sikh people.

There's been a lot of outrage among Sikhs over the clip -- but one man in California named Dr. Randeep Dhillon took his religious fervor one step further ... filing a libel lawsuit against the late night host, claiming Leno is responsible for encouraging hatred and ridicule of his religion.

According to Randeep, the Romney joke "falsely portrays the holiest place in the Sikh religion as a vacation resort owned by a non-Sikh" ... THE HORROR.

Randeep is suing for general and punitive damages. A rep for NBC had no comment.


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That palace is really a 7-11.

966 days ago


yes - this lawsuit is an excellent way to keep people from ridiculing his religion

966 days ago


Nobody but a Sikh would even recognize the building.
These Sikhs sound crazier than Muslims about Mecca, which is often spoofed for one thing or another.

966 days ago


The ultra-religious of all faiths always take themselves too seriously. Get over yourselves, people!

966 days ago


I think it is crazy for any religion to build a church or temple with Gold? You can worship God anywhere, he does not care what the building is made of, you can even worship him in your own home.

Why the Gold, is it more for man then it is for God?

Take the Gold and spend it on helping others and doing good with it, that would be pleasing to God.

The church or temple becomes the idol, not God then.

966 days ago


What an ******* (the Sikh, not Leno). if he doesn't like Freedom of Speech, then he should go find another country where that doesn't have any freedom. NBC lawyers will no doubt get this tossed. Its laughable...funnier than the joke.

966 days ago


Please someone post that "dr" personal info!

966 days ago


It doesn't surprise me one bit that this big chin b*****d said that. I never liked Leno and I never will. This is not the first time he said something nasty about a particular religion.
I hope that the guy wins and Leno has to sell each and every one of his precious motorcycles. He's a conniving, backstabbing, mean, SOB and I hope that this guy sues him and wins and Leno goes broke. Maybe then he will learn to keep his fat mouth off of other people's religion.

966 days ago


Some of your guys' stupidity dazzles me. Half of you don't even know what a Sikh is. Sikhs are not muslims and we don't bomb people, buildings, cars etc. If you actually had as much knowledge about the religion as you claim to know about everything else you would know that Sikhs fought the muslims ever since the religion was created. Sikhs gave their lives fighting for others through the last 500 years regardless of religion or race. As for all you "go back to where you came from people" where did u come from? Im pretty sure if we go back in time your families were immigrants to this country at one time too. Hell ill even bet that my family has been here longer than some of yours have and I don't tell people to go back to their country. Get over yourselves we are all immigrants and nothing is about to change. As for this whole Jay Leno thing, I don't think he should be poking fun at peoples religions whether that be Sikh, Muslim, Hindu, Jewish, Christian etc. Have some respect and humanity for the people around you.

966 days ago

G Singh    

Firstly I am a practicing Sikh, but seriously, this guy is making us look bad by suing Jay Leno. It was a joke, it's done, let's move on. Why drag this through the mud and make us all look bad? Sadly as a minority if one member of your community does something it reflects upon the entire community.
Do something constructive Mr Dhillon!

966 days ago


Yeah we have freedom of speech, but there is also something called HATE speech, and people have died from it and wars have started over it.
There is also something called Freedom of Religion and if you get on a public forum such as television and say crap that has no basis without facts, that is just as bad.
Not everyone who is serious about their religion is "brown skinned" and from the Middle East. I am just as serious about my religion and I have the right to NOT hear disparaging remarks about it coming from a public forum. Just because I am an American citizen doesn't mean I actually WANT to hear racist remarks coming from my tv set.
All you inbred Jeds on here need to get a clue. It's not a "white" America anymore. The fastest growing language is Spanish, followed by German, French, Farsi and other tongues. I thought the whole purpose behind the Statue of Liberty was to welcome all people of all nationalities. " Give me your tired masses yearning to be free". Is that not part of what is inscribed on the Statue of Liberty???
All you posters on here talking about going back to whatever country this person who is suing Leno over also need to go with him. Because if I remember my history right, only the Native Americans were here first and have the right to say that.

966 days ago


i thought sikhs were known for their great sense of humor

966 days ago


I am a BLONDE FEMALE SPIRITUAL MINISTER from SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA.....I cannot hear ENOUGH jokes about any one of those topics! God forbid I get all self-important & take offense...much prefer my energy go toward making the best of what we've got right now

966 days ago


Get over it Randeep..cry racism every chance you get..suck it up you idiot!

965 days ago


This might be karma for screwing Conan. I use to like Leno a few years ago but the entire incident with Conan did it for me. This guy isn't fan, there's a few clips on youtube floating around where the audience hasn't laughed at his jokes and Leno makes a jab about the crowd. Letterman and Conan and sometimes Jimmy Fallon are funny, witty and entertaining to watch. NBC needs to kick Leno to the curb and get someone "fresh" or else we're going to be reading more idiotic articles about this fool and his lame, bigot jokes which are not the least bit funny.

965 days ago
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