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Jay Leno Sued

Is This Some Kind of Sikh Joke?

1/24/2012 3:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

NO ONE mocks the Sikh religion and gets away with it ... not even Jay Leno -- at least that's the sentiment behind a new lawsuit, filed by one angry Sikh follower ... in Bakersfield, CA.

It's all over a recent segment on "The Tonight Show" (above) -- in which Jay pokes fun at the homes of several GOP candidates. We'll spare you, but the punchline is that Mitt Romney -- a famously wealthy businessman -- spends his summers in a solid gold palace.

As an illustration, Jay pulled up a photo of India's Harmandir Sahib -- aka the Golden Temple of Amritsar -- one of the most sacred buildings in the world to the Sikh people.

There's been a lot of outrage among Sikhs over the clip -- but one man in California named Dr. Randeep Dhillon took his religious fervor one step further ... filing a libel lawsuit against the late night host, claiming Leno is responsible for encouraging hatred and ridicule of his religion.

According to Randeep, the Romney joke "falsely portrays the holiest place in the Sikh religion as a vacation resort owned by a non-Sikh" ... THE HORROR.

Randeep is suing for general and punitive damages. A rep for NBC had no comment.


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The Dr. is just a little bit off...HE is the one encouraging hatred and ridicule of his religion. We tend to like free speech here, even if it's coming from a hack like Jay Leno. And to those of you claiming there would be an uproar if a similar joke were made about Catholics or other Christians, you must not watch late-night comedy.

1011 days ago


I am a non-religious Indian Hindu. I personally do not think that Jay Leno tried to insult the Sikhs (or their religion) by his act; his target was Mitt Romney. However, I have failed to convey this, or convince with this logic, a Sikh friend of mine, who has a PhD in science. So I guess, some people are just extremely sensitive (or maybe I am too thick-skinned).

1010 days ago


I doubt it even makes it past the preliminary hearing. I'm not positive about CA law, but the court will probably dismiss it with prejudice.

And then Leno will be free to make jokes about the lawsuit, too.

1010 days ago


go back to your cab stupid pullstart-thank you come again

1010 days ago


First thing first...
@Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker PhD: YOU ARE AN IDIOT!!!
2nd : Sikhs are NOT muslim .. not even close..
3rd : Sikhs have helped out in every world war up to date, not by aid but fighting in the front line.. Google it you coward dumb asses..
4th : After reading some of your comments i realized that 90% of you sound like you've never even completed high school..
I'm a Sikh but been in the US for 28 years now..I love Jay leno..To be honest i did not take offence to his comment at all.. However the BS that some of you wrote about the Golden Temple just got to me.. You have no idea how many of my people died protecting that Temple.. And for the person that said that Temple will fall anyways due to poor work done on it.. haha.. That place has been attacked so many times by so many different people and it still stands..And it will stay standing till the last Sikh is dead...You can be any color or race and walk right in to our Temple in any country and eat 24/7 for free..I'm from San Jose CA and We have a Temple there.. If any of you ever (God forbid) lose your job or can't provide food for your family, you are welcomed in our Temple any day any time.. People educate yourselves a little.. heck we have Google for stuff like this.. USE IT!!

1010 days ago


Why couldnt he just say Romney lives @Papal Basilica of Saint Peter...something he wouldn't have gotten any controversy over...Golden temple isn't a palace, if only ppl knew what happened there in 1984. Its a place of worship, no king or queen or any form of royalty has ever called it home.

1010 days ago


This is America, freedom of speech. Everyone comes here to do what they want and say what they want. Jokes on religion and race are done on a daily basis. If its not religion, it's usually a joke about sexuality, and then the LGBT organization has a fit. Hes a comedian, not God. He's not here to please the world. If u don't like Leno, don't watch!

1010 days ago


1010 days ago


ABSURD!!...yur actually doing MORE harm to your people by this lawsuit...this is no way to gain acceptance in our country....if you don't like it here, the exit is always open....and chances are that leno has equally made pope/vatican jokes in addition to poking fun at those crazy right-wing christian know the ones....they get caught with a meth problem in a male hustlers home....or jerry falwell who stole the PTL ministry and theme park away from jim & tammy faye bakker....or pat robertson who claims god has told him who he wants as the next president....or oral roberts who sat in his prayer tower in the sky until 8 million was raised or god would "call him home" (aka he would die).....want me to go on????....i have a long list!!!

1010 days ago

penny green    

Well Randeep, over here we are not in a world of Sikh just quiet yet so I am hoping a judge with some sense throws this Sikh out of court!

1010 days ago


what an idiot this randeep

1010 days ago


Guess they'll just have to use the Papal Palace at the Vatican next time, since Sikhs apparently can't take a joke even when it's obviously meant to be a joke (it isn't like they characterized it as an outhouse, either).

1010 days ago

Gurcharan S Kulim    

How about the freedom of putting a garland of shopesa round d Obama's neck, that would be comical and freedom of speech!Oh by the way, not all sikhs support this view, som epeople fullled by the Indian goivt have taken it a step too far!Yest it is the same Indian Govt that has denied justice to the Sikhs for the massive SIKH GENOCIDE in 1984.The Indian Govt has fulled it like an ass brain!NOT ALL Sikhs support such extreme views like expresssed by some.Just excercing my right of free speech!

1010 days ago


Are you for REAl!!!!??? Family Guy tears Christianity a new one every episode, and you don't hear us whining.... Go back to your golden temples and await the second coming with the rest of your muslim friends.... douche

1010 days ago

Surfer Dude    

@AlexDelarge if there is a draft, I dare you crawl under a car.

1010 days ago
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