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Halle Berry

Child Services Pays Visit

Over Aubry Abuse Allegations

1/25/2012 11:52 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services is at Halle Berry's home right now ... interviewing her over claims that baby daddy Gabriel Aubry had put 3-year-old Nahla in harm's way.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... the visit to Halle is routine -- whenever there's a claim of abuse or neglect, DCFS will interview both parents. It underscores that DCFS is not blowing off the nanny's claim -- that Gabriel allegedly pushed her against a door with the kid in her arms.

The nanny also claims Gabriel has violently yanked Nahla out of her arms.

There is also a criminal investigation to determine if Gabriel committed the crimes of child endangerment or battery.


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Oliver, please, please, don't marry or procreate with this woman. She marries foreigners, has a baby, dumps the daddy and then puts them through hell in the USA justice system. You don't stand a chance as a Frenchman.
I'm tired of this b1tch and her crazy antics. She will stop at nothing..NOTHING.. to eliminate the father from the picture. Heed this advice, Oliver.

1002 days ago


Can't he sue Halle for harassment? Aren't there alienation of affection laws meant to protect parents from campaigns by the spouse to utterly turn a child against the other parent?

1002 days ago


Halle Berry, you are a nasty woman for trying to pull off the whole "Gabriel is dangerous" charade. You suck.

1002 days ago


Why does this bat-____ crazy woman always feed tmz to fuel trying her issues in the court of public opinion. A lot of divorced or separated couples have to work out custody issues for the best for the parties involved. Who would want to make it so difficult for a parent to see their child that it would discourage them from seeing them? This woman is nuts and selfish.

1002 days ago


this biotch will stop at nothing to get this guy out of HIS childs life, she is just a spiteful and nasty contrrol freak...everyone knows she paid the nanny more money to start this up again.....

1002 days ago


Halle...go sit you fine azz down for one darn are getting on my last nerve..damit..

1002 days ago


Halle (dingle) Berry is one sad excuse for a mother. She should be ashamed of her actions. How pathetic can you be to stand between a Father and HIS daughter simply because she has personal issues...The same issues she's had with EVERY SINGLE MAN SHE HAS EVER BEEN WITH. I pray the judge see's right through her B.S. and starts to fine her everytime she brings a bogus claim to court. The woman is a psycho! Go Gabriel!

1002 days ago


You need to take that poor kid away from Halle's wicked ass. What a Crazy Uber Nasty Trash!!

1002 days ago


Sorry - I meant She is a Charlie Uniform November Tango

1002 days ago


and this is why you ever bring in the courts and police - unless there is a real threat - cuz this could easily blow up in her face having child services at her house - she needs to stop all of this or that little girl will end up in a foster family

1002 days ago


I don't see that Halle is doing anything wrong in this situation. Her nanny claims Gabriel pushed her while holding Nahla and Halle is acting accordingly.

1002 days ago


The Gabriel Aubrey supporters need to realize they DO NOT know him. Regardless of Berry's issues, she does NOT have control of the police and the law.

1002 days ago


Please - she's a control freak and has been lying about Aubry's ability as a father since they split. He hasn't made a single public statement about her. Yet she's said he's racist and abusive. She clearly wants to alienate him from his daughter, while she moves on to the next man. When the relationship ends with Martinez, she'll claim he was abusive, too. Wait for it - she does it to every man she's ever been with.

1002 days ago


Wait, wait! Are TMZ readers....heck, is TMZ aware CPS workers are responsible for the deaths of 65 LA kids? Or that the head of Sacramento CPS - resigned after dozens of Sacramento kids in the care, custody and control of the State also died? CPS is a national disgrace Check out the column on the right, Here. Who is responsible? We are. For not insisting the Administration Office of the Courts be disbanded.

1002 days ago


So OBVIOUSLY trumped up if you look at this couple's history in the family court. One suspects the dad forgot to say please with sugar on top while also expecting the nanny to earn her paycheck by doing her job.

1002 days ago
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