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"Alcatraz" TV Show

Delusional Fans Trying to Break In to Prison

1/26/2012 5:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TV show Alcatraz
Some fans of the TV show "Alcatraz" aren't so bright -- because they're infiltrating guided tours on the real-life island to search for a top secret room ... that only exists on the scripted drama!

National Parks Service rep Alexandra Picavet tells TMZ ... tourists are starting to stray from their tours and sneak into "closed areas" on the former federal prison.

Picavet says many of the not-so-super sleuths have confessed they're looking for a high tech control room (below) ... described on the show as a "bat-cave underneath Alcatraz."

Keep in mind the show just debuted last week. Crazy spreads quickly.

Picavet says they've now posted the following sign on the island: "The TV show Alcatraz is fictional, many areas it depicts are not real. Closed areas protect you, historic structures and nesting birds."

Parks Service peeps assure us the room doesn't exist. They also say the Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy aren't real, so ... believe what you want.


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sentence the offenders to 3-5yrs, that'll learn 'em.

1004 days ago

Snowman with a Turnip Nose    

America's getting dumber by the minute. I bet someone's asking locals in Kansas for directions to Metropolis right now...

1004 days ago

Michael Jackson Was A Pedo    

This really isn't that shocking. Our society just keeps getting more and more dumb. How many idiots believe that the Kardashian "reality" show is real and not scripted? A lot, unfortunately.
I say the people that run the real Alcatraz tourist spot just bring back a bit of the prisons former glory.. hire armed guards but this time shoot anybody trying to sneak in to the place rather than the old days when they'd shoot people trying to sneak out. I'd be ok with that. Time to start weeding some of these morons out of our society.

1004 days ago


Who knew that joke of a television show had fans ;-)

1004 days ago


You have got to be kidding me. The REALLY sad thing is that a good % of these numbnuts will probably vote in the next presidential election. Hmmmm...lets see...which one had the good singing voice...THAT'S who I'll vote for. This country is in a LOT of trouble.

1004 days ago


It never fails to amuse me that morons who wouldn't have two brain cells to rub together can still get it so wrong ... BTW I love the show

1004 days ago


Say it isn't so- The Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy aren't REAL? That's it, I am so devastated by that, think I will sue TMZ and Alcatraz for ruining my life, pain and suffering, etc. Sure am glad Santa Claus is still real.

1004 days ago


I watched the first episode of that show and now I know who would keep watching--the crazy people talked about in this story.

1004 days ago


I hope they are sterile.

1004 days ago


It's a conspiracy! They just don't want us to find it!

1004 days ago


this is why Obongo will get voted in again. cause people are this STUPID. And yes, Crazy spreads quickly

1004 days ago


So that is who voted Barry in.

1004 days ago


I enjoy history and have been to Alcatraz, but this new show stinks! I tried to like it, but got bored after the first 30 minutes.

1004 days ago


god is great,beer is good and people are crazy

1004 days ago


This is exactly why 3 percent of the human population controls the other 97 percent. The majority of the people on Earth actually are stupid. It's not a figure of speech.

1004 days ago
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