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Paula Deen

Screw Diabetes ...

I'm Eating a BURGER!!!

1/26/2012 6:05 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Paula Deen cruising through her hamburgerType 2 diabetic Paula Deen is unfazed by her life-threatening disease -- practically unhinging her jaw this week on a Caribbean cruise ... to take a heart-stopping bite out of a cheeseburger.

The picture was snapped Monday on board a Celebrity cruise ship -- where the 65-year-old is currently tempting fate, hosting her annual "Party-at-Sea" vacation for 400 devoted followers. It's hard to see, but there are also fries on her plate.

The cruise left Miami on Saturday -- and it's set to visit Puerto Rico, St. Thomas, and St. Maarten on the 7-day calorie-filled round trip.

So far, it's unclear if they serve salads.



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How do you know this wasn't a turkey burger or a veggie burger? you just snap a pic of a star and run with it not caring to get the full story! but then again who cares what she eats it's not a big story anyways! it's her life. it's her body and her health so go on and find another star to pick on and make up lies about..

967 days ago

Truth slayer    

First off you people don't even know what type 2 diabetes is?! You can certain foods and still be type 2! She can have burgers, yes she should limit the fries cause they break down into sugar. But! She can still EAT basically what she wants while limited sugar intake. This woman is a foodie, she loves to cook, and eat. If this is the way she chooses to live her life based on her own ideals and perceptions then by all means allow her that much. Whose to say she doesn't care about her condition? But who are we to judge. You people can be so cruel. No one can live in this world with everyone always being in a glass bowl. Let's unlock YOUR doors and see what mess you have hiding and running from the light and post it to TMZ and see what happens then!
Go Paula!

967 days ago

Pam Ladnier    

You are so silly posting this. A diabetic can eat a burger. and an adult can eat WHATEVER they want!!! Hey, how bout following her into the bathroom and reporting what you, SO, SILLY!!!!!

967 days ago


All the haters need to F-Off! Its her own life. She has the money to pay her own doctor bills. Go complain about welfare skanks that keep having babies and sucking up my tax money. Hey TMZ, keep following around people that make more money than you guys and keep reporting on unimportant stuff.

967 days ago

Lori McLaughlin    

I am sure she ate healthy the rest of the trip!

967 days ago


Diabetics CAN eat a cheeseburger once in a while. The problem is that diabetics are naturally predisposed to heart issues. Paula had a hard life when she was younger, and lest we forget, she does a lot for underprivileged and abused women. She is by no means a fat, lazy slob. She raised her sons alone and built a successful business on her own. She can plan for that cheeseburger by counting carbs and adjusting her medication to accomodate it, how do all you negative people know she didn't do this? She is not grotesquely overweight, and as she said, she doesn't eat like that all the time. Her business was based on southern, homestyle cooking, it would be hard to change that for TV. This country has an epidemic of obesity, I hardly think Paula Deen is entirely to blame for this, perhaps people should steer clear of fast food restaurants, containing God only knows what kinds of "fake" ingredients, at least Paula uses fresh, quality ingredients. Diabetes is an extremely complex illness, difficult to control and often accompanied by depression and stress which also raises blood glucose levels, as does illness, like a simple cold or flu. Now there is the stigma that it can be cured simply by eating healthy foods and portions. It is more complex than that, so have a little compassion, and be less judgemental.

967 days ago


She's really just a big fat phoney and I'm tired of her loud voice saying 'Y'all' too.

967 days ago

Amanda Wiggins    

Who effing cares what Paula Deen eats? My grandfather has type 2 diabetes and he can eat hamburgers. It's not like she is eating that way all the time. What you see on her tv show is like something that happens 31 days out of the year. I don't see ya'll showing her eating anything healthy... why attack her only when she enjoys a burger or something else for that matter every once in awhile. Its not a crime to enjoy something like that when you have diabetes. She said herself, she has always eaten that kind of stuff in moderation and has preached for all of us to eat the same way. Leave Paula Deen alone and pick on someone else. Let her live her life without being attacked.

966 days ago


You know, people CAN eat a burger and fries as part of a healthy diet too. Having type 2 diabetes doesn't mean you never eat anything which tastes good the rest of your life, it means you learn some healthier eating habits and learn to keep things in BALANCE. It's her life, her body, and none of our business what she eats. This article is in poor taste, and heavily slanted.

966 days ago


I loved watching Paula Deen making all those foods and desserts. I didn't make any of them. She has a zest for life and her foods. No one is forcing you to make and eat what she cooks. It is her life and she has the same right to do with it what she wants as we all do. Leave the woman along.

966 days ago


She Wants A Burger Let Her Eat A Burger.. So If She Eats Steak Next You Going To Post That As Well.. I Know I Would Want What Im Eating Every Day On The Web.. lol He Ya'll Im Eating A Rib Go Over Exaggerate Now.. Eat What Ya Want Paula. I Support You.

966 days ago


This has been so exaggerated. I was on this same cruise with Paula and what the media didn't capture is making healthy selections as well & how active she is. I too am a diabetic and did have a cheeseburger & fries one day, but had many salads, fresh fruit, grilled selections, etc. other days just like Paula. What people do not understand is diabetes is hereditary, we all have to eat & and diabetes can be controlled by choosing in moderation/exercise & other tretment methods. My A1C 3 years ago when I was diagnosed was 9.2 and now is 5.5--anything under 6.0 is normal glucose range...all by choosing foods in moderation/exercise. I am appalled by the media's attention & focusing on the negative whereas this is nobody's business except the person who has to deal with it. This was blown out of proportion. husband & I made this video clip in the background.

965 days ago

Eric Starson    

People think diabetes is all about sugar, but the saturated fat in meat and dairy appears to be the main culprit:

963 days ago

Eric Starson    

People think diabetes is all about sugar, but the saturated fat in meat and dairy appears to be the main culprit:

963 days ago


You are all stupid ****s and clearly know nothing about diabetes. Diabetics can eat all the burgers they want to. Carbohydrates have an effect on blood sugars (the bun) but even the fattiest protein won't have any bad consequences (as far as diabetes is concerned). Despite this, I'm sure that plenty of you judgmental douchebags have eaten your fair share of food that isn't the best for you. Get a life.

963 days ago
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