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Demi Moore 911 Call

Filling in the Blanks

1/27/2012 12:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


The Demi Moore 911 call paints a picture of what was going on in Demi's house the nght she was hospitalized -- including the fact Rumer was there. Authorities redacted some key parts of the tape, but we have all the details.

Plus, Hillary Clinton says she's quitting politics -- but we think it's actually the ultimate setup for her to become president in 2016! Also, the "Fear Factor" donkey semen challenge -- would you drink it in?


(0:00) The Demi Moore 911 tape was released today -- and reveals that her daughter Rumor was present at the time.
(2:30) We break down the most shocking parts of the call -- as well as the stuff that was cut out of it.
(12:30) "Utter confusion" in the call -- dispatchers couldn't figure out who was supposed to handle it.
(21:00) A Jewish temple tries to shame Mel Gibson into donating money ... and Harvey is totally on Mel's side.
(30:01) Time to talk about donkey semen!!!
(36:30) Want to know how to chug that much semen? Kelly's got you covered.
(41:30) Brandi Glanville says she knocked boots with Gerard Butler -- you gotta hear what he said when we asked him about it.
(44:00) Hillary Clinton -- on track to be the first female president? You better believe it ... if she doesn't quit politics first.


No Avatar


I think the better question is, what celebs do you think would drink animal semen for 50k?

1007 days ago


Did that little rich chick actually say Mel would not know Cedars of Sinai is a Jewish hospital? Naive pup.

1007 days ago


The Fear Factor is so happy that there is publicity on this subject...they must be hurting from ratings...what happens when you have to explain this to your children? Its grabbing and gross now men have a glimpse of what women have to deal with!!!!

1007 days ago


Kelly is my new favorite person on the show!

1007 days ago


TMZ, you are showing your immaturity. The way you encourage your staff of "men childs" to joke around about a donkey, his penis, his semen, etc. Disgusting. You guys are acting like immature pubescent 15 year old jerks in a locker room.

1007 days ago


Well, wasn't there news that Biden started using two different accents recently while he was talking about something? Maybe he's got some medical issues and I do think Hillary might be asked to run as VP to Obama.

1007 days ago


Doesn't everyone resign from their post when a President is re-elected? (That's the way they did it on The West Wing)

1007 days ago


Harvey's right. Humphrey was the ultimate Washington insider and a very savy politician. Bobby may have won but it would have been a real knock down drag out...

1007 days ago


Hillary would NOT make a good running mate or president. She will get us into a war with Iran. During her presidential campaign, she agreed with her opponent much of the time.

1007 days ago

Ashley Chandler    

YES! I LOVE!!! Harvey's idea of Hilary replacing Biden as VP! I think they'd be a great team. Plus, it would set her up for the Presidential race in 2016!

1007 days ago


Hillary has ZERO chance of being POTUS! Please let her run, it guarantees defeat got the Dems.

1007 days ago

nicola michael Tauraso    

It is so sad that some individuals cannot handle money and fame. It is sick.

1007 days ago

nicola michael Tauraso    

It is so sad that some individuals cannot handle money and fame. It is sick.

1007 days ago

Lee Doyle    

2 to 1 she was smoking spice. Its that incense stuff that they spray chemicals on. I live and work in South Korea and the American 20 somethings are over here using it all the time. Supposedly they get a high like weed, but it isnt considered a drug. Its dangerous because you dont know what they are spraying on it. Basically its toxins that they are enhaling from burning it. Probably no different if you were enhaling smoke from burning plastic. Its stupid, but I bet that is exactly what she was doing with a bunch of 20 year olds. Instead of acting her age and using common sense she thinks she is still 20 and apparently wants to be accepted by a bunch of 20 year olds rather then grow up.

1007 days ago


(sigh) This proves beyond any doubt that the Hollywood News Machine will go to any lengths to get a story. The poor woman deserves some privacy, but that doesn't matter. The Paps are out for either Blood or Honey, leaning towards blood.
If it happened to me, the following would happen:

Lawsuit for invasion of my privacy against Los Angeles County, the City of Beverly Hills, TMZ, ABC and Oskar Homolka!!

1007 days ago
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