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'Fear Factor'

NBC Debating Donkey Semen ...

Episode in Jeopardy

1/28/2012 1:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The world may never see "Fear Factor" contestants chugging donkey semen -- corporate heads at NBC and its parent company Comcast are having serious 11th hour talks about pulling the episode.

As TMZ first reported, contestants on the show -- shot last summer -- are challenged to drink a glass of donkey semen (and one of urine) ... and several of them did. The episode is scheduled to air Monday night.

According to our sources, some execs are getting cold feet, and discussions are ongoing this weekend about whether to air the episode. No word on their exact concerns, but an educated guess would be ... taste.

We've reached out to reps for NBC, Comcast, and Endemol -- the producers of FF ... so far, no word back.


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It's already filmed, air it... I find it repulsive, but the show went there, don't byaitch out over it now if your a viewer

967 days ago


If the producers need to degrade people to this extent to get viewers for their show ... then then aren't very good producers. Or people.

967 days ago


Fear Factor is a lowest common denominator show. And I don't know how they can reach any lower if the truth is told.

967 days ago


The glasses in TMZ depiction above are not the real thing. The first glass is flat beer and the second is tapioca pudding.

967 days ago


This is unbelievable celebrity news. I came on this website to show my daughter the tape from Demi's 911 call and this is what I have to read. I am sick to my stomach and my young son in law even thought it was disgusting. Who are you TMZ people trying to appeal to? I am switching over to another gossip website...I feel that TMZ has gone to potty humor and little boys in a locker room humor. yuk.

967 days ago


Wow there talking about not having this on the show.. if i drank that for $50,000 and it didnt ait id be livid.. if you guys like instrumental and movie clips check out my youtube channel type JokerTheNoNameGamer in the search bar (yeah has nothing to do with the article gotta promote somehow..)

967 days ago

The Punisher    

First, the picture needs to be removed! How disgusting to even show it! Second, some idiots talk about it's censorship if they take down the show...Come on! If there isn't some type of censorship what's next on these Mindless, Disgusting shows having some Moron lick an elephant's @hole!? Ooops, the Dirtbags on Fear Factor just might use that idea now.

967 days ago


Sperm burping **** hog much? Beyond sick, whoever thought up this stunt should be required to go on a mental evaluation retreat and find out exactly when it was that they sold their soul.

967 days ago


Also where the heck is the FCC in all of this? They fine networks for swearing and showing Janet's tit at the superbowl but this is gonna fly right past them? WTF?

967 days ago


OMG! GMAFB ppl! If you don't like it, don't watch it....scroll past it, move on! Thats what FF is known for....its gross stunts! DUH!! Lets move on!
SN: If the show was THAT bad, they wouldn't have brought it back after all these years!! HELLO!!!!

967 days ago



967 days ago


Just shows how LOW people will go for $$$, SAD.

967 days ago

Dennis Johnson    

Man........I think TMZ is eat up with this Donky semen story as you have been running it for the last 4 days.I think you all want to drink this Donky semen.

966 days ago


Oh my God, that is fn disgusting. Can we please not lose sight of just how NASTY that is?! who does that!

966 days ago


Drinking donkey semen is beastiality. What next ..... 2 girls and a cup ?

966 days ago
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