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Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry

Counseling Recommended

for Nahla

1/30/2012 5:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Gabriel Aubry's custody battle royale with Halle Berry has taken its toll … the L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services is recommending their 3-year-old daughter Nahla go into counseling … TMZ has learned.

There have been no allegations of Halle mistreating Nahla, but the nanny claims Gabriel screams at the child and has even violently yanked Nahla out of her arms.

Both Halle and Gabriel are scheduled to be in court today. Sources tell us Halle wants the judge to prohibit Gabriel from having any contact with Nahla until a criminal child endangerment investigation targeting him is resolved. The nanny accused Gabriel of pushing her while she was holding Nahla ... which is what triggered the investigation.

And speaking of the nanny … we've learned Gabriel is also asking for a restraining order ... asking the judge in effect to fire the nanny because Gabriel believes she is making up stories to curry favor with Halle.

TMZ also previously reported that Gabriel has agreed to enroll in anger management classes to control his temper.



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Fat Mike    

What a load of rubbish. Sound like someone at Child Services is trying to work their way up the ladder. Either that or they're being paid off by Psycho-Mom.

997 days ago

Fat Mike    

Who's the gal who needs no man?
Killed him dead with the frying pan.
Did it 'cause he missed the can.
Psycho Mom, Psycho Mom, she's Psy-cho Mom!

997 days ago


Erm control his temple? Really can do better than that.

997 days ago


"to control his temple" come on TMZ, temper you mean? Not temple.

Someone has spent too much time on the Donkey Semen reports at TMZ that your brains are mush.

997 days ago


I think the Judge needs to explain to Halle what Parental Alienation is, because I think she and the nanny are purposely trying to alienate him as the little girl's parent and it is so wrong!

997 days ago


Hateful Halle sounds like she's the one who needs anger management counseling

997 days ago


Halle's next movie should be call "Eternal Nutjob"

997 days ago


Dingle Berry's vindictive vendetta is gonna backfire on her now. What an evil witch! And she's aging horribly, she's morphing into Ralph Macchio!

997 days ago


we all know she is mental, just ask those men who left her, she needs to stay on her meds. and that kid is ulgy. the father is stupid, she used him like a toy.

997 days ago


I think she and the nanny are purposely trying to alienate him as the little girl's parent and it is so wrong! Berry /news

997 days ago


Judges are very reluctant to take a young child away from its mother, so the bar for that is set much higher. Dads are considered more expendable. And young children are very susceptible to implanted false memories- just asking leading questions will cause them to answer with whatever the questioner wants to hear. So this therapy for the girl may be either helpful or hazardous, depending on the competence and honesty of the therapist. Of course, if Halle is trying to manipulate the child - heaven help the dad. I don't think he has had the chance to do such memory manipulation even if he wanted. They really need an advocate for the child, and an independent monitor for both parents.
With Halle's history, the judge needs to be even-handed about watching her as closely as the dad.

997 days ago


I didn't know Aubry was Jewish or Buddhist? That's a new one. Guess that's what you get for bringing us hot news off the presses like you couldn't find this out when Aubry agreed to go to Anger Management classes to save his a$$ for today. Like Halle with her known anger (and violence) issues is ordered to Anger Management either or do counseling? We all know she's a few fries short of a happy meal. What's she 's doing to Gabe (who probably does have some anger issues and no I consider him less than saintly), she did to David and Eric and backfired. I also don't buy into her fake relationship with Olivier who pimps Halle's kid just as much as she does. Boy, he really must like being on Halle's payroll and really want a Green card???

997 days ago


Money definately makes the world turn. TMZ, you don't have to be so obvious that you are sided with Hale. You have to, it's job security for you, plus "People Magazine" has to ensure they get exclusives when needed from ms. Hale......but regardless of all this....most of this seems fabricated against gabriel and it sucks that Nahla, who didn't ask for all this, is caught in the middle!

997 days ago


Halle seems like an absolute nut job. I feel sorry for this guy like a lot of guys the women wants control and the only way to get it is cause him of things. The child is the one to suffer poor thing she is entitle to a relationship with her father free of all her mother"s crazy crap.
Halle is the one running people over with car's lol What was she married like three times already and yet he is the one with issues lol

997 days ago


anger management to control his TEMPLE?

997 days ago
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