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Halle & Gabriel ...

Nahla's Not the Problem

1/30/2012 12:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


All hell is breaking loose in Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry's battle over Nahla -- he's taking anger management classes and 3-year old Nahla needs therapy? But maybe the only people who need therapy are Halle and Gabriel. We're thinking the judge should put them in therapy.

Plus, should Jerry Sandusky be allowed to see his grandkids? We think the answer is ... yes. Let us explain. Also, Prez Obama's invitation to sing on "American Idol" -- Charles says it's a horrible idea, but Harv thinks it could put him back in the White House!


(2:30) Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry's nuclear custody war takes another turn for the worse.
(4:00) Mike says Nahla isn't the one who needs counseling ... Halle and Gabriel do.
(10:04) Breaking news -- Newt Gingrich sued for using "Eye of the Tiger" on the campaign trail.
(12:01) Should Sandusky be able to see his grandkids? Evan argues that he's innocent until proven guilty.
(17:50) Harvey's debate skills trap Charles in a corner.
(21:02) The saddest story -- a struggling actor puts his dog to sleep -- then feels so bad about it he commits suicide. 
(27:01) Yep, talking about donkey semen again.
(28:20) NBC pulled the "Fear Factor" episode -- why?
(47:00) Harvey says something so ridiculous ... Charles has to walk it off.


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TMZ acting like 12 year olds, five days of reporting on donkey semen. You giggle like little girls over it...sigh.

960 days ago


MOST VAIN-Harvey, Max and that one blond chick that always wears the one bare shoulder outfits.

960 days ago

Stan Giesea    

Did Charles say "backlash" or "backwash?"

960 days ago



960 days ago


Jerry, Jerry, Jerry! If his Grandkids are girls...nothing to worry about persay. If they're boys, watch out! Maybe he just want them to keep their weekly games of "vaselineistics" on the down low.

960 days ago

Stan Giesea    

The woman suing The People's Court fails to realize that, when she loses, she will have drawn MORE attention to the episode and increased the audience interest.

960 days ago


It appears to me that Halle Berry just wanted Gabriel Aubry to be a sperm donor. Now that their relationship has ended and she has moved on with Olivier Martinez, it appears that she is trying to find ANY excuse to take away Gabriel's paternal rights. Gabriel may indeed have anger management issues, but Halle Berry seems to have quite a few issues as well. When you choose to have a child, you agree to co-parent indefinitely, not just until you break up. It appears that Halle has allowed her bitterness to get in the way of the best interest of her daughter. I'm glad the court ordered both of them to go to a co-parenting class so they can learn to work TOGETHER and become better parents. ren need both parents, not just the richest one.

960 days ago

amanda q     

Drinking Donkey Semen isn't a fear, its a gross stunt like you'd see on jackass! for fear factor that's just mean

960 days ago


Whats the big deal? They drank cows blood, ate pig rectum and horse penis and bull testicles......Whats the big deal?

960 days ago


Why does trouble always seem to follow Halle when it comes to men ?!? Methinks she has a screw or two loose... or is a controlling bitch. Hey Olivier - RUN DUDE!!!!

959 days ago


The baby came into this world through an EGG DONOR. Halle Berry was too old to be making eggs. So she BOUGHT some. The baby IS the baby of Halle's ex boyfriend, the sperm was his. Now Halle is worried that he will tell the world and the child, that Halle is NOT the biological mother. The mother is a bought and paid for Egg Donor. I dont know why they call them egg DONORS, they are egg Sellers, the Sell the eggs, they dont DONATE them.

959 days ago


People answering the 'are celebs more screwed up' question are only thinking about celebs in the news. Celebs who have good relationships that last are less likely to be in the news so we are less aware of them i.e. Hugh Jackman, Cate Blanchett, John Travolta(not that he isn't screwed up for believing in Scientology anyway), Matt Damon, Ben Affleck . All these and plenty more have pretty great relationships as far as I can tell.

959 days ago


I say get a neutral court appointed nanny that hands off the kid and let him have his time with the kid alone without some spy nanny and I'm sure his temper would cool. If I had to be baby sat by my ex's nanny while I'm with my own kid - I'd be ticked too! And Halley needs to quite callin her lawyer ever time he gets the kid. She sounds like a freak!

959 days ago


So Halle should have done nothing and ignored the fact that Gabriel hit the Nanny? Then the Nanny would have informed the court or child services that Halle is ignoring the abuse. Gabriel is the one with the temper, that's why part of his visitation was/is monitored. The nanny agreed to be the one to monitored, and it's Gabriel who can't go along with the court instructions. Even now he's holding things up as he won't agree with working with a mediator. He wants CONTROL, over Halle, she left him, now he wants CONTROL over Nahla, and to continue to mess with Halle. When this guy flips out and hurts Nahla or even Halle, some of you nitwits will blame Halle. Why? Because Halle's Black and he's Gabriel is White. When Halle was having trouble with her two husbands none of you jumped down her throat and sided with her them, rather you accepted what they had done because they are Black, but since Gabriel is White to you everything is Halle's fault and to use her previous relationships against, her according to some of you, that is now her fault too.


959 days ago


Harvey Nahla will be 4 in March. Quit referring to her as a baby--she's a child.

959 days ago
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