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Lindsay Lohan

Goes Into Storage

1/31/2012 3:21 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Moving truck in front of Lindsay Lohans Venice homeLindsay Lohan was so spooked by her recent run-in with a trespasser at her home ... she has decided to move out of her Venice Beach pad for good, TMZ has learned.

A moving van showed up at Lindsay's house today -- and we're told all her stuff is being taken to a storage facility, until she figures out her next move.

And get this ... we're told by sources directly connected with LiLo ... the move could be cross-country -- she's seriously thinking of living in New York City when her probation is terminated at the end of March.

In the meantime, Lindsay is living at the swanky Chateau Marmont -- made famous by John Belushi who OD'd there in 1982.

It's pretty pricey ... but Lindsay's got Playboy money.


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In the longer shot of that truck you will notice that the house nest door is being worked on condtrustion tab all over and the gates into the place is wide open as well as the doors to the house......Now unless you got the safest neighborhoods and the most trust worthy people in the world I can't think of but one reason why they would be open can You ????

997 days ago


broke bytch lmao

997 days ago


TMZ had to have sit on this story a couple of days just to get their adds lined up for the notice that ..there is always adds pretaining someway to the story on the top and at the sides ..for expample look on the top of this one....LOL quotes for VAN Line moves.....take at least 24 hours to get those adds folks even in this age of instant axcess on the internet.....

Can't wait to see what next but it won't be long just a bout 400 more hits should do it.....Right TMZ....

997 days ago


Henry Hopper left art school when he was 18 to go live in an artist's collective (see: hipster commune) in Berlin, Germany. If that doesn't scream hipster junkie, I don't know what does. :P

997 days ago


Big whoop so she's out walking with some guy. That's the big news flash of the day? How boring!

997 days ago


About the Hopper dude: he has his hands firmly clenched behind his back the whole time so that she can't grab him and pretend they were holding hands and loved up.

About leaving her Venice house: it must be so sad for her to be leaving a place with so many memories. Who would find it easy to say goodbye to the place where they spend a month of house arrest, painting, cooking, and reading scripts (AHEM)? Who would want to bid farewell to the place where she filmed a Beezid commercial? Who could bear to part ways with an abode from which they had headed out to so many well-publicized and closely followed court "appointments"? It must be heartbreaking to leave.

997 days ago


there's a moral to this story here...somewhere, i just gotta find it.

997 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

Wonder why the comments were suspended for 1/2 an hour?

997 days ago


@twhitley13 Tracy Whitley
Just saw Lindsay Lohan in Brentwood. Looks just as weird in person lol

997 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Oh my, it appears that Lindsay is wearing the super long crack ho extensions again. Poor Alexandria is starting to look like Eleanor. Interesting that Lindsay needs an assistant to ferry her around, but Lindsay is in the driver's seat, and I love the street walker leggins. Looks like Princess Poop is back on the throne.

997 days ago


How can I miss her when she wont go away.

997 days ago


I live across the street and the moving truck was definitely moving things INTO the house next store to Lohan's condo yesterday. That doesn't necessarily that mean Lohan isn't moving out and staying at a hotel at the moment, but I was there and saw that the truck wasn't there for her and the picture above doesn't accurately represent the reality of the situation on the ground.

Weird, I though the same thing when i saw the movers, but walked over to see for myself and saw that the cottage next store that was for rent now has tenants. I doubt that they anticipated that their move would be covered by the world wide press corps.

997 days ago


Why is there a moving van
Outside the condo of Lohan?
Is it because she can not pay,
She must pack up and move away?
Or is it because that Lindsay knows,
At the CM, anything goes.
She'll stay up till the crack of dawn,
All wasted and think nothings wrong.
She'll think she's being picked upon,
When she's accused when somethings gone.
She'll lie and blame others for her sin,
A new day dawns she begins again.
I guess this move proves Lindsays range,
Back at CM, she'll never change.

997 days ago


During her exile from Venice, the altruistic Linds attempted to donate (for publicity) a few shipping containers of stolen clothes to the Downtown Women's Shelter. They slammed the door on Linds, so she made Lnor v2.0 dump them right in front anyway.

They set fire to them, and went to In-N-Out.

997 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Way to go tearing through that community service Lindsay! Grey Goose and Red Bull, proof positive that things are looking up for you.

997 days ago
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