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Don Cornelius

Ex-Wife Scores Huge

Life Insurance Payout

2/1/2012 1:27 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Viktoria Chapman Cornelius
Don Cornelius
died with 2 life insurance policies worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, and the ex-wife he hated will get all the money ... TMZ has learned.

Don's breakup with Viktoria Chapman Cornelius was brutal. He was convicted of domestic abuse and, according to him, she pepper sprayed him multiple times.

During the divorce in 2009, Don said in legal docs obtained by TMZ, 'I am 72 years old. I have significant health issues. I want to finalize this divorce before I die."

The divorce was indeed finalized later that year, but there's a provision in the settlement agreement that says Don must make Viktoria the beneficiary of both of his life insurance policies -- totaling around $300,000 in benefits.

Under California law, if a policyholder commits suicide within 2 years of the time the policy is issued, the company can deny payment. But Don had the policy for more than 2 years, so Viktoria -- the woman he despised -- will get the loot.


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Who Knew    

Looks like he got himself a white women. Careful what you wish for.

958 days ago


everyone's policy is different, i could not commit suicied within 2 years of opening my policy.....but after that its payout....its just a 2 year deterant for people wanting to killthemselves and opening a policy for the family right away

958 days ago


Just curious. Why do all famous black men marry white women? Do they not find black women attractive or something? I dont care, just curious. And before the haters start calling me racists, i have no problems with biracial marriages. I would just like to know why.

958 days ago


most insurance policies state the same: suicide within the first 2 years will cancel the policy OR the company can refuse to pay out. As TMZ states: California law dictates that IF suicide is done within the FIRST 2 years of the policy, this is so. Many states dictate what and how of the policy. South Dakota law, for example, nullifies any life policy if suicide is ruling of the death. And every insurance company has 2 yrs to decide IF information given at time of application was truthful or not, so if the insured dies within the first 2 years, but clearly was smoking up til the time they passed, and they claimed not to on the application, they can nullify it right than and there.

958 days ago

Alfreda Thomas    

I would like to express my sincere thoughts for the loss of a icon- I enjoyed watching Soul Train, the performers,soul train board and especially the dancers. I often wish I could have been a dancer. Hats off to the program that made a big difference in African American lives. My thoughts and prayers goes out to his family.

957 days ago


You can't commit suicide in the first two years, some companies are one year. After that, the policy should pay out.

957 days ago


I know from a personal experience it depends on how long you had a policy and what the rider is, you may or may not get the payoff from a policy from a suicidal death.

957 days ago


You are all idiots and obviously dont know what your talking about. A lot of clauses have a 2 year out rule. So after 2 years Suicide is still covered. It just all depends on the contract.......

On a side note - I find it interesting how the black community hails this guy as some here and "saved black culture" - but marries a White woman.......hypocrisy? Its all show....

957 days ago


One of the main reasons why I'll never result to dating a white woman. Successful Black man, don't race mix, pass on your success and hard earnings to your own race. These people already have enough money.

957 days ago


As usual all of the idiots are unaware of how life insurance policies works. Many states, particularly MD will not pay off on an insurance policy if the insured commits suicide within the first two years of the policy. After the two year exclusionary period has passed if the insured commits suicide or dies from natural causes ,provided there are no other exclusionary items in the policy it will PAY off to the beneficiaries. Suicide does not automatically mean the life insurance policy will not be honored.

957 days ago


I don’t blame her for marrying him. He was an old black man and he wanted his trophy young white woman on his arms. Of course he had to pay the price for a young thang. Of course she had to find a way out of this marriage so she screamed file play to the authority. And you know they are going to believe a white woman. I blame many of the well off black men for their troubles for marrying white women. Once they become rich, they forget where they come from and quickly want to forget it all (the forbidden fruit – a white woman). They marry a white woman and they think they will immediately become part of the white society. Not! They (black men) allow themselves to be raped. The courts system looks out for white women who marry rich black men. Many of them are so stupid (black men that is). Although Don and Viktoria were divorced, she will still walk off with his big bucks. I feel sorry for his son and family because his wealth should go to him/them. The unfortunate thing about her claiming domestic abuse (liar or blowing up a little dispute so she can claim domestic abuse) is that there are really some people who have domestic abuse situations that will not be taken seriously. They are the ones who really need the attention in the court systems. Viktoria knew she was marrying an old jealous man and he knew he was marrying a Barbie Doll who would be displaying her sex to the public. They both deserved each other (to be miserable). The again, I don’t believe she was miserable. I believe she was just acting out her written script buying her time gathering enough evident for the courts. These celebrities deserve each other.

957 days ago


It might help to start marrying women your own age...maybe these brutal divorces would not be so commonplace.

957 days ago


sorry to say but for you who do not believe it; it is true that after the first two years that an insurance policy has been inforce the beneficiary can collect on the policy reguardless of the cause of death and yes that means suicide! i've been in the business for a few years and those are the rules.

957 days ago


Oh Well... when you sleep with snakes, they eventually
bite you!!

957 days ago


Black men dont think black women should be treated like a queen and pampered...

956 days ago
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