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Pilar Sanders

Deion Will Only Give Me $$$

... for Sexual Favors

2/1/2012 2:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Pilar Sanders and Deion Sanders
Pilar Sanders
claims Deion Sanders is holding her as a "financial hostage" ... completely severing her cash flow ... and has only offered to give her money in exchange for sex ... this according to new court papers obtained by TMZ.

Pilar has filed an emergency motion in a Texas courtroom ... claiming the NFL legend has canceled her credit cards and left her without any financial means to support herself and their children ... and she needs the judge to force Deion to give her money so she can survive. 

In the docs, Pilar claims, "Since [Deion] filed for divorce on December 21, 2011, he has given [Pilar] $300.00 and offered her money in exchange for sexual favors."

She then notes, "Pilar turned down the money."

Pilar is begging the court to force Deion to give her money stat ... claiming "The children and I have lived in survival mode for several months, and the emotional toll on all of us is palpable."

Pilar also claims Deion has canceled her cell phone and has "engaged in a pattern of systematically removing my belongings from the house and haphazardly throwing them into piles in the garage of the residence."

Pilar claims Deion still rakes in more than $1 million per year ... and she NEEDS a cut of his income to survive.

Calls to Deion's reps have not been returned.

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You know it's a shame that Deion of such high standard will do Pilar that way! Deion is so arrogant that's why his show got cancelled.. He was hiding behind God and for some reason I did like him but his true colors have come out I can't judge him but money don't make you God and I hope and pray he does the right thing she has been with him so long, Why is it when Tiger Wood got caught he had to pay up.. And Colby had to pay Jorden payed and Deion is acting a fool oh I guess there real man.

903 days ago


Just I always thought Deion is the s***b bag he has always been freakin loser!!! GO PILAR take him for all the jerk is worth!!!!

903 days ago


well, thats how you got him n tha first place whore, know yo role...golddigger.

903 days ago


See...that's why you need your own money/business ladies. 'Cute' is not a retirement plan. She should get money for any minor children, but Pilar is a grown @$$ woman. The sexual favors part is messed up and wrong, but one should never leave themselves open to that kind of insult. He should remember, though, that she is somebody's mother just like HIS mother is, so he shouldn't be saying anything to her that he wouldn't want said to his mother. His children are gonna feel some kind of way about that when they get older.

903 days ago


Pilar, get an effing job!

903 days ago

Thurston Howell III    

These gold diggers see Vanessa Bryant walking away with 100 million in cash and property and it get in their azzes.

Too bad for you that Sanders was bright enough to insist on a prenup.

Kobe is one dumb azz MF'er.

903 days ago


Pilar get a job he owes you nothing but child support you are greedy don't feel sorry for you this is what you get. You are a trick anyway so he is treating you like want you sound very golddiggerish right about know.

903 days ago


i love 2 c whores like this go backwards in life. women with no skills livin off a man deserve nothing. they were married all these years and she has no skills because she thought she would live off of her looks forever. well best of luck with the struggle baaaaaaaaaaaaatch!

903 days ago


thats the way she got him thats the way she gonna go

903 days ago


that's the way she got him, that's the way she go!

903 days ago


I dont understand this. If you are married to a multi-millionaire for several years, wouldnt it occur to you to save some mony instead of buying $10,000 dollar Berkin bags, Louboutins, Prada, and Gucci this or that? Come on now, you always have to have a backup plan just in case **** dont work out. All that time, she couldve developed some skills instead of being a cute house wife...

903 days ago


if she was married to a deion for 10years and hasn't saved any money...why should he give her more to mismanage?

903 days ago


Pilar please you and the kids still live in the same household as your soon to be ex husband. Stop it!

903 days ago


thats a tight leo fo u!...its funny when folk say they love u and spend they time with u..but once things get defaulty..the real person comes out...

903 days ago


Ok ... stop being a whore! and maybe he wouldn't treat like one. But I don't believe her, He is through with her so why would he ask for sexual favors? B*tch move on with lying a**

903 days ago
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