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I'm NOT Pregnant

And Stop Calling Me Fat!

2/1/2012 9:26 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

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Snooki is calling radishes on a report that she's pregnant -- claiming not only is she NOT pregnant, she's insulted by the insinuation she's fat.

The "Jersey Shore" star left Sirius XM studios in New York moments ago -- where she appeared on the Opie & Anthony radio show -- and a photog flat-out asked if the pregnancy rumor was true ... Snooki firmly replied, "NO!"

Worse, Snooki's livid at rumors she's gained weight, claiming, "Why are people calling me fat? That's so rude!" Snooki said she does wanna get pregnant one day though ... when she gets married.

As for the Opie & Anthony interview (below) -- Snooki said the media outlet that reported the story is just like one of the bullies who terrorized her in high school ... and she has a message for the offender ... "I hate you."

Check out the vid for Snooki's Super Bowl favorite. You won't believe it.



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A Real Lawyer    

I don't know how any self-respecting person can sleep with everyone in spitting distance on national tv every week?!?! She doesn't even try to hide that she's a skank. She flaunts it.

995 days ago


ok enough she is not a fatty...she is gross overweight drunken stupid slut liar jersey garbage,wait overweight so yeah she is a troll fatty

995 days ago


Who IS this broad? WHY does her existence matter? This FAT UGLY HOOKER is taking up too much space. They need to dump her back off at whichever two-bit strip joint they found her at.

995 days ago


I thought I saw a recent picture here on TMZ where she had noticably lost a fair amount of weight. The whole article was about her weight loss. Was that a fake pic and story? Cause in that photo she was really quite tiny.

995 days ago

Cool Breeze    

Why is this pig news?.

995 days ago


Sorry Snooki, if you were not so easy and partial slutty, you wouldn't have to worry about ppl calling u pregnant and if you were not the spokes-person and/or mascot for Zantrex 3, ppl wouldn't be calling you fat. You are in the entertainment industry and it seems you have been for a while. Get used to rumors and brush it off!

995 days ago


Wow, based on all of these comments . . . No one really likes Snooki. She is a person guys . . . come on now. Virtual Bullying at its best here. Snooki, keep that head up, girl.

995 days ago


Snooki darling, listen up...I watched the new episode of Jersey Shore on thursday night, and I was CRINGING at how bad you and Deana look! You aren't meatballs, you're butterballs! When you look that bad, and wear such inappropriate clothes to flaunt all the fat(yes that's what it is!) on your body, people are going to call it like it is. You are fat. Sorry, truth hurts. I would actually feel bad for you if I didn't see you eat, drink and act like a pig every Thursday night. What the heck do you expect people to say about you?? That you're beautiful and classy and hot? You're a hot freakin mess, and you're making a living off it, so quit bit-chin.

995 days ago


She looks fat and pregnant. Almost like a little pumpkin with that orange tinge to her.

995 days ago

Kev the Realist    

Rude, Hey DBag, You are UGLY, STUPID, FAT, HOMELY, DUMB besides being a complete useless idot with no talent whatsoever. Give me a break, You are a useless tramp wh who will do anything to stay in your little window of notoriety. If people had any intelligence all of this reality crap would exist only on cable where only the lowlifes who watch this stuff care. You are USELSS, Hey tramp maybe the KRAPDASIANS will adopt you, then you can aspire to become an even bigger media tramp

995 days ago


Snooki is fat and stupid.

Khloe Kardashian Fat and Sarah Palin Stupid.

995 days ago

Fat Jesus    

I'd hit that.

995 days ago

Tom Brokaw    

TMZ,'s not working. moving on

995 days ago


If she wants to stop being called fat she should stop being fat.

995 days ago


People call you fat cause you are...fat and a dumb azz jersey useless fat phkn look like a pregnant sow!

995 days ago
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