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Joel Osteen

Good God, He's RIPPED!!!

2/2/2012 6:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Joel Osteen shirtlessThe lord is my personal trainer, I shall not want.

Mega-televangelist Joel Osteen hit the beach in Hawaii this week for a little family vacation time with his wife Victoria, his son Jonathan, his daughter Alexandra ... and a SHREDDED SIX PACK!!!

Besides being one of the most famous preachers in the world, Osteen is also a health nut ... who dishes out diet advice on his web page. Judging by his sculpted physique, dude knows what he's talking about.



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As a Christian, I have no problem with this "pastor" vacationing in Hawaii, or as some who have posted in his defense, "getting" paid for his services to his parishioners". I do have a HUGE problem, however, with this HYPOCRITE using the "Word of God" to make MILLIONS upon MILLIONS of dollars for his own personal gain. This guy is not a Preacher, he is an entertainer. His watered down touchy/feely message is not religion. He does not preach the "Gospel" he "preaches" a self help pseudo-psychology feel good message. Some argue, he doesn't take a salary which makes him "a even better christian" Bull Sh@%!!! Even worse, he uses his "pulpit" to PIMP his books and DVD's to "innocent" people who are truly searching to fill the emptiness in their life only God can provide. This guy could care less about the individual person in his church and their spiritual well being. Just buys keep buying his books and DVD's so he can continue to afford his 17,000 sq Ft, $15,000,000 mansion and lifestyle!

996 days ago


Whether one likes Joel or not really does not seem to be the issue here for me, but the totally negative comments left by so many about nothing really says it all for me. The point I want to make here is he did not ask for this photo to be taken he was simply working in Hawaii(yes, I follow him and know he is working there) and spending time with his family during time off from work. It was not like he was looking for fame showing off his body. Good Lord, so many people taking up good space here on earth pretending to be a part of humanity. Please show them the way.......Being a Joel follower myself it is obvious most of you have never listened to him speak or you would not be so negative. He is all about being positive about yourself in order to be open to a life with God in it. (Joel, some people just refuse to be a part of the kind of life some of us want to live. Good thing God gave us a "free will" kinda life. Blessings in Hawaii)

996 days ago


you forgot to mention the guy is a mega millionaire due to the cash he takes in from the idiots who believe in the crap he sells.. religious freaks with low IQ's and small bank accounts make creeps like this multi millionaires.

you also forgot to mention how much this guy sells anti gay rights and endorses extreme bullying of gays and racist bigoted terms used by his sheep.

if the guy gets run over by a truck the world would be a better place..

996 days ago


please don't be so sacreligious (sic). using the Good God really offends me. you may not care and you have a right to your opinion as do I. Just wanted to let you know my feelings not that you care, which is fine we all have our rights and the right to express them. Thanks for listening!

996 days ago


If that's ripped, Arnold Swarzenegger is Mr Olympia 2012

996 days ago


He will have to give an account, like the other TV Evangelists, of all the money people have given to their church and themselves one day. Most of them will be surprised when they realize you can't steal from G-d.

996 days ago


Being blessed and having some measure of wealth is not a sin! I am not impresses with the criticism of this man. He has the love of God. He's a good person. He has done nothing wrong. It's disturbing how people will be so quick to attack for no reason!

996 days ago


He should not be shamed that he does not live in poverty. These kind of attacks are ridiculous. Joel Osteen is an amazing person.

996 days ago


All these pastors and Priests know that everybody need to believe in something with more power than us. They work 2 days of the week,for 3,4 hours and make millions.tHEY MAKE PEOPLE BELIEVE THAT If you believe me God will put you on a better place..If God is so powerful,why more than 20 thousand children die everyday in Africa?? You know their answer? Oh God has a special plan for then....brainwashed people. Joel Osteen is right,go make millions every month and people say..HE NEVER USE THE MONEY FROM THE CHURCH,ONLY FROM HIS BOOKS..people WAKE UP TO REALITY!!

996 days ago


While it was bad enough you have to comment on Pastor Osteen's abs, you just had to show a picture of the Pope, "doctored" by your team to show his "abs" as well. Have you no shame, aren't there any lines that you just won't cross. I'm Catholic, and I take offense, great offense at this. I just might consult an attorney, a real one.

996 days ago


Wonder why Olsteen doesn't have one crucifix in his church/show/whatever. He's christian but doesn't acknowledge the crucifixion or doesn't believe or ????

996 days ago


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996 days ago

Snowman with a Turnip Nose    

Famous? Around the world? I have no idea who he is. But then again, I'm not into the whole "Touch the screen! Heal! Heal! Jesus told me you must send me $50 now to save Grandma's soul!" stuff.

996 days ago


Good God.... he's UGLY.

996 days ago


Why are some of you guys hating on him? He makes his money through book sales and the church is ran solely on donations. He preaches nothing but positive things, everything he does is positive in the community and in the world. I don't see how this man's work does ANY harm to anyone. So he takes a vacation every now and then, not like he's wearing a iced out Rolex or driving a Lamborghini. If you don't have respect for his work or accomplishments you are purely a hater.

996 days ago
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