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Ray J's Bodyguards

Accused of Beating Up

Drunk Dudes

2/4/2012 5:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The LAPD would like a word with Ray J and his bodyguards -- after the singer's hired muscle allegedly beat the crap out of two drunk dudes a few nights ago.

Multiple sources tell TMZ, two men -- who appeared to be intoxicated -- approached Ray J's Rolls Royce on the street in Hollywood early Friday morning.

It's unclear why the men approached the vehicle -- but our law enforcement sources were told Ray's bodyguards quickly got out of the car to fend them off, and a fight ensued ... during which the two alleged drunkies got their asses handed to them.

Paramedics were called for help -- but we're told Ray and his bodyguards didn't stick around, taking off before an ambulance arrived. Despite the emergency call, we're told neither one of the alleged victims was transported to a hospital.

Law enforcement sources tell us the LAPD is currently investigating the situation -- and wants to speak to both Ray J and his bodyguards to sort everything out. Calls to Ray J's people were not returned.


No Avatar


I thought only famous people had bodyguards...why does he have them?

994 days ago


Sounds like something Ray J and his goons would do. All this dude does is hang out in nightclubs promoting his whack music and getting in fights after the clubs have closed.

994 days ago

Michael Jackson Was A Pedo    

..and then later Ray J stopped by Kim Kardashian's place and peed on her again just for old times sake.
I wonder how many gallons of black guy urine she's ingested over the years since she and Ray J broke up. I'm guessing hundreds.

994 days ago


The LAPD will do one of their infamous celebrity "investigations" charges will be dropped, twisted, tweaked until the drunk will be one charged with... disorderly conduct, public intoxication... wearing glasses.

994 days ago

James R. - Los Angeles    

If the "drunk dudes" were white, then it's a HATE CRIME and the idiot wrapper and 'bodyguards' should be in jail.

994 days ago


Other than him and Kim having sex on tape, what is this guy even famous for? I know he is supposed to be a rapper, but he is not that well known that I am aware of.

994 days ago

Johnny Carcinoma    

This guy has the money for a Rolls Royce AND body guards?


994 days ago


In this case Bodyguards = Hangers on.

994 days ago


Why does he have body guards? Seriously. I don't get it. I am going to Wal-mart today so I am hiring body guards, if he can have them, so can I, dang it! It is so ridiculous that it is laughable!

994 days ago


Who the f is this a/hole... and why does anyone care, let alone let him ride around in a rolls??

994 days ago


Why does he need bodyguards?

994 days ago


Actually the "two drunk dudes" did not approach his car, they were dancing by it. One fat bodyguard pushed one of the guys then repeatedly kicked him unconscious....disgusting. When a friend tried to pull him away, telling him to stop, another fatter bodyguard came out of nowhere and knocked him out.... Unconscious for minutes to which ray j yelled "let's go let's go". Ray j is so sad.... Why does he have ANY bodyguards?? Because he peed all over an Armenian whore??? No one has the right to play with another persons well being. I wonder if TMZ would be reporting this story in such bad taste if it were one of them. Of course their "asses got handed to them" it was 2 fat ass black dudes that first words were probably "duuuuuuuhhhhh".

994 days ago

Big D    

Should this say "former singer" ? He hasn't done anything in quite a while. Body guards huh? money well spent since you are a has been.

994 days ago


Ray J acts as though he was born in Compton, his fake ghetto thug talk is a joke....I'd love it if he woke up white!

994 days ago


He's so disgusting, any woman who would hook up with him is a fool, the only person he loves is himself

994 days ago
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