Ray J's Bodyguards Accused of Beating Up Drunk Dudes

2/4/2012 5:00 AM PST

Ray J's Bodyguards Accused of Beating Up Drunk Dudes

The LAPD would like a word with Ray J and his bodyguards -- after the singer's hired muscle allegedly beat the crap out of two drunk dudes a few nights ago.

Multiple sources tell TMZ, two men -- who appeared to be intoxicated -- approached Ray J's Rolls Royce on the street in Hollywood early Friday morning.

It's unclear why the men approached the vehicle -- but our law enforcement sources were told Ray's bodyguards quickly got out of the car to fend them off, and a fight ensued ... during which the two alleged drunkies got their asses handed to them.

Paramedics were called for help -- but we're told Ray and his bodyguards didn't stick around, taking off before an ambulance arrived. Despite the emergency call, we're told neither one of the alleged victims was transported to a hospital.

Law enforcement sources tell us the LAPD is currently investigating the situation -- and wants to speak to both Ray J and his bodyguards to sort everything out. Calls to Ray J's people were not returned.